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When we went to Costa Rica in November of 2014, I was blown away by the fresh delicious food we encountered everywhere we went. Fresh tropical fruit at every breakfast (I know have an affinity for papaya thanks to the trip) black beans at many of the meals prepared in different ways and the literally farm to table coffee! Here’s a quick post highlighting some of the Costa Rica food we enjoyed.

Arenas Del Mar 12-1-2014 9-27-026

Finca Rosa Blanca coffee and fresh fruit Costa Rica

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee!

(Yes, That’s Costa Rica Food!)

Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee

Tonya and Coffee Costa Rica food

Coffee and pastries in Costa Rica

Coffee break daily at Finca Rosa Blanca

Arenas Del Mar Costa Rica Fresca in Costa Rica

Noah enjoying a watermelon fresca.

Burgers and Beer?

Eating at the Surf Shack in Costa Rica

Yes, we went for burgers and fries one day! But the Surf Shack in Nosara was so yummy we couldn’t resist!

Craft Beer in Costa Rica

Grainy picture, but we finally found some craft beer. Not something they do a lot of there. Good for the day, but not one I’d see out later.

Amazing Costa Rica Food

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