The Advantages Of An Independent Vacation

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Self catering is the obvious accommodation type for many families. Many people’s dream vacation, though, is in a luxury hotel; being waited on, with every meal prepared for them and cleaning and entertainment laid on. For them, opting for self-catered accommodation may seem like a bit of a let-down. After all, they’ll face doing all the same chores they do at home, only without the home comforts around them. But that fails to take into account the many benefits of having your own vacation cabin. In this article, we look at why vacation rentals offer a firm basis for a happy, relaxed and flexible family vacation.

Why Vacation Rentals Are Key To A Happy Vacation

If you’re looking for the best self-catering vacations, then chances are you will be traveling as part of a group, with friends or family. One of the key advantages of self-catering or home rental accommodation over staying in a hotel is that you will have plenty of space to move around in. Think of cramming multiple people in one or two hotel rooms, with no separate sleeping and living spaces. Tot up all the luggage you’ll be taking as well and perhaps even a stroller if your kids are younger, and you’ll realize that a spacious vacation cabin is far superior. Check out to get an idea of the sort of options available. You can book accommodation with two, three or more bedrooms. There will be a separate living room for rainy days or evenings once the children have gone to bed, so you don’t have to keep the volume down too much. There’s even usually room outside, in a garden, for the kids to play in while you’re relaxing or preparing a meal. 

And speaking of meals, self-catering or home rental accommodation will have a fully fitted and equipped kitchen. Whether you or members of your party have special dietary requirements or the kids are fussy eaters, having access to your own kitchen facilities makes managing mealtimes a dream. You can still eat out as often as you want to, but having that resource means your party can be much more flexible in their plans, as they’re not restricted to standard mealtimes in a hotel restaurant!

The Other Benefits Of Self Catering or Home Rentals

You can eat breakfast at midday if you want, or prepare a snack before bedtime. You can cook your children’s favorite meals rather than struggling to make them eat something obscure from the hotel menu. Another major advantage of self-catering vacations is that they work out to be far more economical than a hotel stay. On vacation, it’s not surprising that we want to treat ourselves, but you’ll pay well over the standard for that late breakfast or bottle of wine from hotel room service. With self-catering accommodation, you can buy what supplies you need at a local supermarket or even take food along with you, rather than paying a hotel bill you’ve lost track of by the end of your stay. 

It’s also far easier to split the costs fairly if you’ve agreed to do this, with your traveling companions. There are a host of other great reasons to book self-catering in preference to staying in a hotel too. Want to take the family pet along? Many cabin owners welcome dogs, which can save you the expense of kennelling, as well as making sure your family friend doesn’t miss out on the vacation. And whether you have kids or dogs, or like to stay up late chatting, a vacation home allows you all to relax and enjoy yourselves without worrying about disturbing other guests in rooms adjacent to yours.

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