5 Reasons Teens need to go Deep Sea Fishing

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Have you ever been deep sea fishing? Part relaxation from being out on the water in a giant boat, and part thrilling adventure reeling in the catch of a lifetime. If you’re looking for something new and different to do next time you travel with your teenagers, may I recommend heading out on a deep-sea fishing adventure with Shake ‘N Bait Charters fishing in Islamorada, Florida?

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Something New in Florida

Reason #1 to take your teens deep-sea fishing is that it’s something new to do in Florida. If you live in Florida or visit often, you may tire of the same ole theme parks. Heading to the Florida Keys is definitely a world apart from the typical Orlando vacation.

Shake ‘N Bait Charters is on my favorite Florida Key, in Islamorada. It’s about halfway through the keys in a family-friendly, and fish-friendly area.

Do It Themselves

You know when you’re kids were small and they insisted that they wanted to do everything themselves, like a big kid? It doesn’t change when they’re teenagers. This time, however, it’s doing the things adults do, like learning to drive a car. There’s not a lot we get to let them do on their own. Yet out on a fishing charter they can learn to do something new and reel in a prize-winning catch of the day.

Because you’re on a small charter, your teens can get hands-on experience. The crew can teach them the bait, rods, and reels, teaching them how to do it themselves.


There’s something about watching your sibling struggle and persevere over their catch that can bring the kids closer together. Plus, while the boat at Shake ‘N Bait Charters is a Caviller 44 Convertible, it’s a lot bigger than it looks in pictures. You are however still out to sea. It’s definitely time to put away the phones, enjoy the peaceful waters together and relax at sea.

The price includes the entire boat and you can bring up to six passengers. This allows you to have personalized attention from Captain Jack, first mate, and the crew and enjoy the time with just family. This adventure is perfect for families that are experienced, first starting out in this fishing field or just wanting to enjoy the scenery from a new perspective.

Learning Marine Biology

Okay, we’re not talking deep learning here. But if you’ve never been fishing before, or if you’ve only fished inland, you may be surprised by what you could catch in the ocean waters off the Florida Keys. The folks at Shake ‘N Bait know their waters, what’s biting, and where to find them.

Yes, you can catch sailfish and Marlins, but they are catch and release only. They are gorgeous fish however and do make for a fantastic photo op, not t mention bragging rights to their friends later.

Your teenagers may get to catch, and bag other “big fish” such as swordfish, wahoo, and dolphin fish. Other popular catches include grouper, yellowtail snapper, albacore tuna, red snapper, king mackerel, cobia, amberjack, and even sharks. Imagine how strong you’re teen will feel after reeling in one of those?

This all just boils down to the amount of hands-on learning they’ll get while onboard the boat between what they use as bait as well as what types of fish and how big and heavy they are.

Eating what You Caught

You know how we talked about kids wanting to do it themselves above? There’s also a sense of pride of reeling in what you caught, and then frying it up for dinner later that night. As long as what you catch meets local fish and game laws (such as the legal size) you can keep the fish. In fact, Shake ‘N Bait recommends that you bring a cooler to take your fish home in. Even better, the first mate or captain will clean your fish at the dock, making it ready for you to take home. (Call it another marine biology lesson too!)

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