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How to have a Successful Family Road Trip

family road trip

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While summer is coming to a close, there’s still plenty of time to head out on the open road. We have trekked from Florida to Michigan at least once a year for the last twenty years. Not to mention several trips to other parts of the country and around Florida.

Here’s my round up for how we have a successful family road trip, since the kids were babies. Since we just completed one of our annual treks, I have to say I used several of these blogs I wrote, not to toot my own horn… get it…toot! (Yes, I crack myself up… that’s what happens when the road trip is 20 hours… you get a bit loopy!)


Before you go

Get your Apps

They may not be the best… but these are definitely my favorite apps. Read Not the Best List of Road Trips Apps.

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Road Trip Binder

Road Trip Binders are essential in our car. This trip the kids didn’t even want DVD’s, just books and a binder. Read what to print to create an Awesome Road Trip Binder.

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Eat Healthy

I’m happy to say not only did we not eat out on our most recent road trip, we even had leftover food. Here’s how we Eat Healthy on the Road.

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On the Road

There’s a few tips for on the road as well.

Ultimate Playlist

A road trip always needs good tunes. I asked some of my fellow travelers to come up with the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist.

Distracted Driver

Before you get too far, however, there’s more than just a text message that makes us a Distracted Driver.

Take the Interstate

Finally, the reason I love the road trip is not just the destination, but also the journey. And while back roads are great, I Love the Interstate.

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So, what about you… how do you have a successful family road trip? Leave a comment below or sign up for my mailing list and email me!

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