Steps to Planning Your First Backpacking Trip

Steps to Planning Your First Backpacking Trip

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Backpacking is a great way to travel, specifically if you plan to visit various locations in a single vacation. Securing the perfect adventure requires deciding where you’ll go, packing accordingly, and creating a plan. With enough preparation, you’ll be ready to enjoy a unique vacation filled with exploration. Check out the steps to planning your first backpacking trip listed below.

Decide Where You’ll Go

Many individuals go backpacking through Europe because it makes it easier to visit several countries when you have less to carry. However, you can go backpacking anywhere. If you plan to go out of state for a long weekend, pack a backpack to spend more time venturing around the destination.

If the vacation includes your family or friends, hold a gathering so you can work as a group to decide where you’ll go. Since backpacking makes it easier to visit several places at once, try to let everyone select a location within established boundaries. For example, if you travel to New York, you may want to see New York City, Niagara Falls, and Lake Placid.

Pack Strategically

Once you know where you’ll go, it’s time to grab your backpack and load it up. First, decide on the appropriate backpack size. While a 35-liter bag may work great for a day or two, you’ll need at least a 45-liter backpack for an extended vacation. Additionally, consider what activities you’ll do and if you need room for gear, such as sleeping bags, hiking sticks, or gym shoes.

Unlike other types of trips, the goal here is to fit everything you need into a single bag. Knowing how to pack like a minimalist ensures you get the most out of each item without needing to lug several bags along on the trip.

Packing Tip

As you backpack across states or countries, you may have to eat on the go, so you may also need to save room for some snacks. Consider using a knapsack with a thermal section to keep food warm or cold.

Create an Itinerary

The final step to planning your first backpacking trip is to create a game plan. How long will you stay at each destination? Likewise, decide whether there are specific places to see or excursions to do. While you can allow parts of the trip to remain spontaneous, doing the whole vacation this way may leave you feeling underprepared. Don’t go home regretting lost opportunities.

Enjoy Every Moment

Traveling is a great way to bond with loved ones as you explore new landscapes. Submerge yourself in the culture while you make memories. After all, backpacking is about releasing materialism to make room for unique experiences.

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