Why Shipping Your Luggage is Better and Cheaper than Checking It

Biggest Inconveniences That Can Happen at an Airport

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Travel. It’s something we all love. It’s something we all look forward to. It’s something we save up for over months, even years! And for all the effort we put into planning and saving for vacations, how terrible is it that hundreds of dollars must be allocated to airline baggage fees? So, not only are you spending an arm and a leg just to get some clothes to your destination, but you’re doing all the heavy lifting yourself, too.

We think there should be a better way to get to your destination. One where your hard-earned money doesn’t need to be spent on those awful airline baggage fees and your energy doesn’t need to be wasted on dragging bags through the airport.

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Shipping Your Luggage

Thanks to ShipGo, an easier way to travel is finally here.

ShipGo is a global delivery service for luggage, trunks, boxes, and assorted sporting equipment. By shipping ahead, you can travel with the comfort of knowing that all of your baggage is already at your destination.

Avoid the airport headaches like bag-check lines, airline baggage fees, TSA, overhead bins, and baggage claim by shipping luggage ahead.

But the seamless experience begins long before you arrive at the airport. ShipGo will complete a no-contact collection of your baggage from your home, office, hotel, or resort. Simply pack as you normally would for airline travel and ShipGo will handle the rest.

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After pickup, you can track your bags online at any time and you’ll receive an email notification once they’ve been delivered to your final destination.

Cost of ShipGo

We all know air travel is only getting more expensive. And one of the biggest culprits instigating the need for additional spending is airline baggage fees. That’s why ShipGo’s rates start as low as $34.99! So, not only could you save some serious dollars, but all shipments also include complimentary insurance, an on-time delivery guarantee, and a white-glove customer support team available to assist you seven days a week by phone, email, and text.

ShipGo is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re traveling with the family, on business, with a pet, or flying solo, shipping luggage ahead is sure to make your travel experience far more enjoyable.

While ShipGo saves you money in the airport, it can also save you money beyond the terminal, too. For example, traveling with lots of luggage means a serious need for a larger rental car. By shipping luggage ahead, you can opt for a smaller, less expensive vehicle since all of your luggage will already be at your destination.

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If you happen to be traveling internationally, keep in mind that ShipGo services 180 countries and territories. Their international shipping specialists are fluent in country-specific shipping policies and will even handle all customs paperwork on your behalf.

Are you ready to change the way you travel? Place an order online or over the phone seven days a week. Or, download ShipGo’s iOS app for stress-free travel right at your fingertips. It’s time to start traveling more enjoyably and more affordably. Learn more about shipping luggage ahead or get a free quote today.

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