Save Money on Road Trips with Marathon’s MakeItCount™️ Rewards

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How does saving money on road trips sound? Good, right? What if I told you that not only could you save money on road trips, but you could save all year long with Marathon’s MakeItCount™ Rewards program. In a nutshell, you can save 5 cents on every gallon, every day. Even better, starting this month, new members will save 10 cents per gallon for their first month of membership (up to 4 visits, 20 gallons each visit)! However, it’s so much more than that. Keep reading to learn how we use MakeItCount™ to save money on road trips and in your day-to-day gasoline usage.

This post is sponsored by Marathon. All opinions are my own.

Why Take a Road Trip Now

I know road trips are becoming more popular right now as everyone is anxious to travel. Yet, if you still want to stay self-contained and socially distant, you can do that from the comfort of your vehicle.

Plus, road trips can be done near or far. You can cover a lot of ground in one day of driving. Most road trippers average 500 miles or roughly 8 hours of driving a day. Take a map, draw a 500-mile radius from home. I bet you’d be surprised about what you can see.

Road Tripping also allows you to control the situation. I’ve always preferred a good road trip so that I can choose where and what I eat, where I stop for gas (at Marathon, of course,) and what activities we do. Right now, if we don’t feel comfortable, we just get back in the car and drive on.

Plus, I can take whatever I want with me in the car. And I get to choose the music, audiobooks, or podcasts I listen to. Seriously, it is a win all the way around.

I’ve also always believed that if you want to see the good ole’ US of A, a road trip is the way to do it. If you have a lot of road to cover, consider shortening how much you drive per day, and see where the road takes you. Want to stop at the world’s largest prairie chicken? Do it!

how to eat healthy on a road trip by Detail Oriented Traveler

Fantastic for Family Travel

We’ve taken many road trips with our kids over the last 16 years. In fact, in addition to checking many smaller trips off the list, we take an annual trek from Florida to Michigan every summer. 

What I’ve found with road trips is that it allows us the space to connect without worrying about making the gate in time. We can play games on the road (my favorite is the license plate game) as well as talk, listen to books, rate our favorite music, etc. What else do you have to do when you’re killing time between stops?

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How to Save Money on Road Trips

You can save money by traveling via your car as well, as opposed to flying. Plus, if you’re squeezing in a quick or nearby trip, driving almost always wins out over cost, especially for families.

Here are some of the ways you can save money on road trips.

  • Pack your own food. 
  • Bring extra water and reusable water bottles.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated
  • Use a Gas Rewards Program (not a credit card)

I have more ways you can save money on road trips here. For now, I want to dive into the Marathon MakeItCount™ Rewards program and why that’s my number one way to save money.

Why use Marathon’s MakeItCount™ Rewards

Marathon’s MakeItCount™️ Rewards Program helps save you money on fuel. This program seriously offers lots of ways to save money, not just during a road trip but all year long. Here’s what they offer:

  • 5 Cents off EVERY Gallon, Every Day. 
  • Earn points to redeem on my favorite things, like additional gas discounts, hotels and airfare (Helloooo more travel!!) 
  • Opportunities to earn bonus points on select purchases in the store (like when you have all the food but are still craving some salty or sweet snacks)

I’m easily on my way to earning more points this month because we are road tripping. And when I want gas, I keep my eyes on the MakeItCount™️ app and use their location feature to find Marathon stations on the road. Or rather, I have my co-pilots check the app for me!

How to use the MakeItCount™️App

  • First, Sign up here. It’s free and easy. You can visit the website or download the free app.
  • Navigate to the locations to find the nearest Marathon near you. There are Marathon stations from coast to coast.
  • Use the Account Tab to scan your unique ID or enter it on the pin pad when you fuel up.
  • Use the Status and CentsOff tabs to check your current points balance and offers.

Starting this month, new members can sign up and save 10 cents off per gallon, up to 4 visits, 20 gallons per visit.

Not only are you saving money on gas, but you’re also earning rewards points. More on redeeming those rewards points in a minute.

Sign of Marathon's MakeItCount Rewards program

More Ways to Earn Rewards

Earning rewards is also free and easy. Check the offers tab in the app for exclusive bonus points. For example, you can earn points on every gallon you put into your car.

Need other ways to fuel up? Say snacks or drinks? Check the offers to see the bonus points you can earn on select items. I always start a road trip by trying to eat healthily, but at some point, I need something sweet to motivate me those last few miles. At least I can earn points too.

Redeeming Rewards

Let’s talk about what you can do with all those points. When you sign up for Marathon’s MakeItCount™️ Rewards program, you choose one of their partner programs to redeem your points with. Choose from:

  • Southwest Rapid Rewards® 
  • Wyndham Rewards®
  • Target eGiftCards™
  • Petco eGift Cards
  • Domino’s eGift Cards
  • My CentsOff® Fuel Savings Program

Personally, I love the combo of traveling and earning travel points towards Southwest Rapid Rewards®,  or Wyndham Rewards®.

The key thing to remember is that the MakeItCount™️ Rewards program is not a credit card. You sign up for free and start earning right away.

Won’t you join me to Be Rewards Driven with Marathon’s MakeItCount™️ Rewards program and start saving money on your next road trip?

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