The Best Time of Year To Save Money on Buying an RV

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Have you seen the price of an RV? Not surprisingly, they cost as much as a small home, and it keeps going up if you want more features. If you’re on a budget, you may need to think strategically about when and where you purchase your vehicle. Find out the best time of year to save money on buying an RV.

Start Looking in the Fall

RV sales start to slow down in September, so discounts may start showing up around October. If you’re willing to maintain your vehicle through the winter without getting to use it—which you’ll need to do each year anyway—buy one in the fall.

Pro Tip: Look out for Black Friday sales and other major discounts around Christmas.

Buy During the Slow Season

Winter is the slowest season for RV sales. Shop for your recreational vehicle during these months for the best discount. You may even get a new model for thousands less than the list price if a dealer is desperate to clear their lot for new stock.

Shop at RV Shows

Check out the latest and greatest RVs when you go to a show. Manufacturers often offer their best discounts to their most loyal customers who are willing to come to these shows, and they might offer discounts and deals to compete with their competition as well. You may find exactly what you need for the price you’re willing to pay when you talk to dealers in person.

Check Holiday Sales

If you aren’t sure you want to embrace an RV yet, you can wait until spring and try special holiday sales. Some dealers may promote discounts on Memorial Day or Fourth of July. Don’t expect to get a deal as good as you would during the off-season, but you’ll still save a few bucks.

The best times of year to save money on buying an RV are in the fall and winter. Choose the off-season to buy a new vehicle so that you don’t end up with a budget RV that looks like one. When buying used, you always want to insure your vehicle. Know what RV insurance covers and why you should bundle it with your current policy. You won’t have any regrets about your vacation vehicle when you make money-savvy moves.

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