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Sailing is One of the Best Family Holidays You Can Ask For

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Sailing as a family might sound like hell to some people – it’s a lot like being in a campervan that rocks with the waves. But if you are an active and adventurous family, going sailing together is a brilliant holiday option. 

Going sailing is the perfect way to escape the crowds and get some real fresh air. You can take your time and try a bit of deep water fishing or you can choose a destination and explore a few towns and ports along the way. Either way, getting out on the water is a lovely way to spend some quality time together. 

So, whether you fancy a sailing holiday or you want to try sailing with boat clubs around the US coast, here are a few reasons you should take your family along. 

Team Building

Teamwork is a really important social skill and learning to get along will make family life far more enjoyable. A boat is a brilliant place to work as a team as there is plenty for everyone to do and there are lots of new skills to learn and share. Children can also get involved though, naturally, they should be supervised at all times. Asking younger children to keep an eye on the compass or chart a route on the map is a good way to involve them.

When you can sail well together, you will find that you work together better more generally. Understanding how your skills and efforts can complement each other is a brilliant lesson in life.

Develop Family Communication

Communicating as a family can be fraught and stressful – especially if you have teenagers! But on a boat, you have to communicate well if you want to get anywhere. Giving direct and clear instructions on a boat is essential but this skill will also serve you well at home. Similarly, listening to each other and sharing ideas should be a top priority. 

When you are out on the water, you will also need to be calm, which is something many families find difficult. If you can learn to express your views without shouting each other down, you will be infinitely happier. 

Quality Time 

It can be difficult to find time to talk to each other properly when we are all so busy with our lives. Teenagers are disasters for wanting to talk and yet burying themselves in screens and children often don’t know what they want from their parents. 

Being on a boat naturally separates you from the stresses and strains of daily life. While you are out on the waves, you have the perfect chance to reconnect and enjoy quality time together. Talk about anything and everything that springs to mind, and discuss your ambitions and hopes and dreams. This is the perfect sanctuary. 

Whether you go sailing for a day or take a week to travel up and down the coast, getting out on the water as a family is the perfect way to spend time together. Pack a picnic, choose a fun destination and enjoy yourselves.  

Another way you and your family could bond through sailing is by taking a class to learn to sail together. Learning something new helps you bond as a family because it creates a space of honesty and vulnerability. It also helps improve your communication and develop positive interactions. As you develop this new skill, you help each other get better and anticipate all the wonderful sailing trips you can take together.

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