Safe Travel Essentials: Everything You Need For Your Next Vacation

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Whether you’ve got a vacation booked, and you’re counting down the days, or you’re ready to start searching for your next destination, it’s always wise to be prepared. When you’ve been looking forward to getting away from it all or enjoying new experiences and adventures, the last thing you want is for unexpected incidents or accidents to throw a wrench in the works. While it’s not possible to swerve every curveball, there are steps you can take to stay safe. Here’s a useful guide to help you prep for your next trip

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Packing tips

If you usually adopt the tactic of frantically throwing a mountain of clothes into a suitcase the day before you travel, take a moment to plan ahead the next time you take a vacation. Think about where you’re going and what you plan to do while you’re away. Pack suitable clothing, make sure you have any medications you need, and stock up on first aid essentials. I like using this checklist here to be sure I have everything I need.

If you’re going camping, or you’re visiting a remote destination, it’s beneficial to check out sites like Prepared Bee and get some tips before you shut your suitcases and head to the airport. You’ll find everything from reviews of backpacks and outdoor clothing to survival advice if you get stuck out on a limb without a phone. When packing, roll your clothes to enable you to maximize the space and carry valuables and things you might need during the flight or car journey on your person. 

Staying safe en route

For many of us, there are few things that are more exciting than logging off and taking a break, but getting to the chosen destination can be stressful. If you’re driving, pack the car in advance and set off at a time that avoids peak traffic. Take a look at the route before you leave to make sure you know where you’re going, and invest in a car charger. Make sure you have plenty of drinks and snacks with you and carry warm clothes and waterproof layers just in case you get stuck.

If you’re flying, make sure you’ve got the documents you need and any medicines in your carryon luggage. Wear light, comfortable clothing. Take a walk up the aisle and stretch your legs on a frequent basis and stay hydrated. 

Reducing the risk of accidents on vacation

Nobody wants to spend their well-earned vacation nursing an injury or missing out on fun activities because they’ve had an accident. While on vacation, adopt the same safety measures as you would at home. We tend to be more relaxed when traveling and this can cause us to take risks we wouldn’t usually consider. Always wear a seat belt when traveling by car or bus, abide by the relevant driving rules and regulations, and choose reputable companies if you’re planning on trying water sports or adventure pursuits, or you’re going on an excursion. Carry a basic first-aid kit and bottled water with you at all times, and take heed of advice from instructors and tour operators. 

If you’re heading off on vacation, safety might not be your first concern, but it’s always advisable to be prepared. 

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