5 Reasons to take a Road Trip with Your Partner

Road trip with your partner, man and woman in car with map and feet on dashboard

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There are few more romantic experiences than jumping in a car with your partner and leaving your everyday life behind – even if only for a week. And, while the freewheeling nature of a road trip can be off-putting to some, it’s never been easier to manage – especially with a standard smartphone (or two). So, if it’s something you’ve considered but haven’t committed to, we’ve gathered some great reasons to make this the year to take a road trip with your partner.

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Make plans together

One of the most fun parts of any road trip is planning the route in the first place. First, you’ll talk over where you each want to go – which can be pretty eye-opening to begin with. From there to finding a destination you’re equally excited about (some negotiation may be required), and then researching what you might see on the way there. Preparation is practical – anticipation is magical.

One side-note here is that, beyond your itinerary, doing a little research about the place you’ll be traveling through can be the difference between a good and bad trip. For example, knowing that you are legally required to carry a warning triangle if driving in France could avoid an awkward scene.

Share experiences

While there’s a lot to be said for solo travel and the incredible feelings of independence being out in the world alone can instill, few of us want to go through our whole lives alone. And a road trip, being the vacation that will give you more freedom than any other, allows you to share every mile, every landscape, every sunset.

Time to talk

People go on road trips to feel the freedom and see the sights, but there are also, inescapably, many stretches of time when the two of you will be traveling for hours at a time. And the beauty of doing this with someone you’re comfortable with is the intimate conversations that inevitably fill these spaces. There’s something about drifting along under a big sky which encourages people to talk about their pasts and their futures. Away from everyday roles and responsibilities, talk turns to what really matters. And in a car, when one talks, the other listens.

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Meeting each other halfway

The key to any long-term relationship is compromise – and the unpredictability of the average road trip will present many more choices than a resort getaway. At its worst, this can generate conflict – especially if one of you insists on making the decisions each time. But, just as in domestic life, you’ll ultimately both be happier if you can find a way to take turns. In this way, a road trip with your partner is often seen as a great predictor of whether two people can live together.

Make memories

When the journey’s over, and you’re back to your normal life, its ultimate worth will be found in how the time’s remembered. Much of the strength of couples lies in what they’ve been through together, good and bad. A road trip will provide the two of you with memories which are both special and unrepeatable.

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