Road Trip or Travel to New Cities This Year

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Life is about experiencing and enjoying new opportunities. Make the most of your time by planning a new vacation. Try visiting different cities in your own country or revisiting ones that you have not been to in a while. With a little planning and preparation, you are sure to enjoy everything on your path to fun and adventure.

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Find Amazing Cities in Your Own Backyard

America is vast and filled with experiences just waiting for you to discover them. Whether you have a few cities on your bucket list yet to be checked off or are intrigued by what the top summer cities in America have to offer, it is time to get ready to travel! Now it is the moment to figure out your mode of transportation.

  • Road Trip

Driving to your destination via a good ol’ fashioned road trip is just as fun as when you arrive. Take a strategic approach to your vacation endeavors by mapping out your intended locales ahead of time. Find ones that are the most interesting for you and your entourage. After doing so, fill in any long stretches or gaps with other cities that pique your interest.

An old-school paper map is fun for this task as you can see all of your destinations on one piece of paper. Of course, you can perform this task online as well (and you should gauge the mileage and distance), but a paper map begs to be hung on a wall once you return home. Fill it with pins from this vacation and future trips to come. Drag your finger along the route and delight in the anticipation.

Factor in the cost of gas, a pre-trip vehicle tune-up or inspection, an oil change, toll road fees, and lodging along the route. Remember to top off your essential vehicle fluids, such as windshield wiper fluid. 

Here is a video with tips on how to prepare your car for a road trip.

  • Air Travel

As you are thinking about visiting your soon-to-be new favorite locations, consider the cost of airline tickets, airport wait time at both ends of your journey, and possible layovers.

Of note, if layovers are long enough, they are a wonderful opportunity to leave the airport and explore another city without worrying about luggage or accommodations. You are free to move through the area with ease. The only caveat is that you must return to the airport with enough time to go through security checkpoints before reboarding for your next flight. Check the wait time in advance if you are able.

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Go ahead and get out there. It is time to experience all that your country has to offer you and your family. Try new things that you would have never dreamed of doing ever before. Put in your time off request at work, pack your bags and a few tasty snacks, and remember the sunscreen, too. Make the most of your vacation and make some new memories! Remember to take a lot of pictures, too.

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