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What to pack in your Road Trip First Aid Kit

road trip first aid kit

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For us, a road trip is fun, full of adventure and games, good conversation and a time to connect away from the world. I relish the time in the car with the family. I know to some that sounds weird, but we’re all together. That being said, getting sick or hurt on the road is no fun, especially when you’re miles from anywhere. Even with the conveniences of interstate travel, and big box stores at a multitude of exits, it’s best to be prepared with a good Road Trip First Aid Kit.

Pre-Packaged First Aid Kit

To begin with, I start off with a prepackaged first-aid kit. I prefer a soft bag rather than a hard case. As it always stays in my car, I’m not worried about waterproof factors and I can basically shove it where I need to. While you can get many of the items on your own, I find the kits come with things I wouldn’t think of. I really like this 120 piece kit from Amazon.

There are other kits that have more items, but they tend to be just more bandages. The included scissors are nice, and it comes with a whistle in case you end up stranded. I also like the glow stick and safety pin additions. These are the sorts of things I don’t often think to include.

MyMedic is another AMAZING site with some serious first aid kits. The Solo, pictured below, is likely going to be enough for your road trip, but The MyFAK, is a serious pack that you can take with you in and. out of the car.

At MyMedic, the MedPacks are great for refilling too, even if you don’t go with one of their more extensive kits, these will get you what you need. They even have a Pandemic kit with masks, gloves, and sanitary wipes. Check them all out here.

Add Stock

I always add our personal preference items to any first aid kit. These include things such as family-specific medicines to bug spray and sunscreen. My added list:

*A personal note on the sunscreen. I have fair children, but they’ve always been used to the lotion sunscreen rather than spray. I’ve found over the years the spray does not cover as well. I know it’s more convenient for squirmy children, but it’s always been a rule in our family. Lotion up, or no playing in the sun.


Hopefully, you never have to use your first aid kit. Realistically, however, you’re out of bandages. Before each trip, check your stock. Additionally, check the validity of the items you do have. Sterilizer pads dry out. Medicines, sunscreen, and bug spray expire.

Put checking your First Aid Kit as important as your packing list.

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