4 Road Trip Bloggers You Should be Reading Now

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Are you looking for road trip inspiration? I know I always am. These Road Trip bloggers are some of my favorite bloggers to find inspiration, tips and overall, general pin-worthy photos!


Raodtrippers Ultimate Road Trip Bloggers

I mentioned Roadtrippers in a previous article for planning out your road trips. In addition to finding all those off-beat road trip attractions, the Roadtripper’s Chronicles provides endless stories of inspiration.

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Backroad Planet

Backroad Planet Ultimate Road Trip Bloggers

I have a soft spot in my heart for these guys, primarily because they’re from central Florida.Howard and Jerry visit a lot of historical sites, always looking for the next authentic adventure. Check out Backroad Planet and get off the main roads!

Backroad Ramblers

Back Road Ramblers Ultimate Road Trip Bloggers

Another off the beaten path favorite of mine is the Backroad Ramblers. Tara and Eric do a lot of outdoor adventures with their teen boys. Based out of Vermont, many of their adventures are in the New England area, definitely getting a different perspective from this Florida girl.


RVFTA Ultimate Road Trip Bloggers

RV Family Travel Atlas is by far one of my favorite podcasters and road trip bloggers. They also have an extensive website with campground advice, gear guides, and more. Why do I put them on a Road Trip blogger list? Campers are road trippers after all. And even as a family without an RV, I still get a ton of value from their site and podcast, such as places to go, what to buy, and checklists. Tune in or read their blogs at RVFTA.


Shameless plug, right? I have a lot of road trip content on my site if you’re looking for advice, playlists, activities for the kids or more. Check out my road trip categories here. And if you’ve got questions, I’d love to hear from you. Contact me below!

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