Traveling South with a Review of The New Southern Cookbook

The New Southern Cookbook

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If you’ve ever visited The South, you’ll know that food is as much an attraction as, well, any attraction! One of the best ways I can think to bring home a little piece of The South is with a cookbook. This way I can do my best to recreate those delicious tastes and bring back memories of a great vacation. That’s why The New Southern Cookbook is my newest favorite in my cookbook collection.

The New Southern Cookbook

The South

Let me back up for a second and talk about The South (with a capital S.) Raised as a Midwesterner myself, my experience with The South was watching shows like Mel’s Diner and Designing Women. I know there are accents and foods like fried green tomatoes, but I never had much experience with southern hospitality until I married a southerner. (Although I still attest that Florida isn’t as southern as the rest of the states thanks to all the transplants like myself.)

Fortunately, as a travel writer living in Florida, I get to explore more of The South. Part of that includes exploring down-home southern cooking filled with stories, family, and delicious food. That’s where The New Southern Cookbook comes in.

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The New Southern Cookbook

Pam Wattenbarger and her daughter Brittany Wattenbarger come from a long line of southern cooks. In fact, the family can trace their roots in the south as far back as 1678.

However, just because the family has history, doesn’t mean this cookbook is old fashioned. Recipes do include notations for allergy and food preferences. You’ll find dairy free, gluten free, nut free, vegetarian and vegan listings throughout the book. Plus, many recipes can be adapted and noted at the bottom of the recipe.

Alternatively, just because this is the new cookbook, doesn’t mean you won’t find old favorites. The cookbook is filled with Heirloom Recipes, modern takes on traditional with Updated Classics and of course, New Favorites.

The recipes cover everything from breakfast to cocktails. In fact, you can plan an entire Thanksgiving dinner (thanks to the menu plans at the back of the book.)

Southern Stories

My favorite part of this whole cookbook, however, is the stories throughout. Every. Single. Recipe. comes with a story behind it. (Seriously, I don’t have that many stories about food!)

I love a good cookbook that reads like a novel, and The New Southern Cookbook does not disappoint. Flipping through this book, you’ll not only get to know Pam and Britany better but their whole family. You’ll feel just as if you sat down at a true southern style potluck.

Also peppered throughout are quotes about southern food. Britany and Pam also include a glossary of southern sayings so you can truly blend in as a southerner even if you’re not from around here.

Pull up a chair, sit a spell, and dive right in to The New Southern Cookbook. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled South and never left!

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Pam Wattenbarger is a friend who writes for Simply Southern Mom and provided this copy for my review. All opinions are my own.

the New Southern Cookbook

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  1. Thank you so much for your review, Tonya. It was wonderful. I’m so happy you enjoyed the book and getting to know our family a little better. We wanted it to sound as if you were sitting down to chat with us and I hope we succeeded. 🙂

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