Review: Ancord Bluetooth Speaker – Perfect for On the Go Travel

Review of Ancord Bluetooth Speaker

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Whether you’re going camping, to the beach, hanging out in a hotel room, or hiking, sometimes you just want to listen to your own music or podcasts. I’ve used a few Bluetooth speakers in the past, but they’ve come up short, either in durability, quality, or functionality. With that in mind, I was looking for a new Bluetooth speaker for our upcoming travels.

I ordered the Ancord Bluetooth Speaker from Amazon Prime and so far I’m pleased with the performance. Please note, I got this product for free/at a discount in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own.


To begin with, this speaker is waterproof. We put it to the test by hanging it in the shower. This makes it perfect for taking to the beach. No worries about drips from wet kids! Secondly, it’s shockproof. Again making it perfect for families where something inevitably falls to the floor.


The Ancord Bluetooth Speaker is easy to use. It paired quickly and has a simple set of buttons to power on, adjust volume and pause. What more do you really need? I’ve had speakers in the past where it either didn’t pair right, or the buttons didn’t work easily. This one did both.


I was pleased with the quality of sound out of this speaker. We are talking about a small speaker, so don’t expect a surround sound. However, it’s better than what comes out of your phone and provides ample volume. Per their description, the speaker works up to 33 feet away. I did not test that far, but I can say a good 10-20 feet proved no interruptions.

Additionally, the charge on this speaker lasts around 12 hours. While I didn’t count exact hours I had this on, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t need to charge it once while on a week’s vacation. We mostly listened to music while playing games at night.

Overall, I was pleased with the speaker and it will now go with me wherever we travel. In fact, it’s small enough I can leave it in the glove box and dig it out wherever adventure takes us!Review of Ancord Bluetooth Speaker

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