Practical Ways To Avoid Travel FOMO

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The fear of missing out (FOMO) is prevalent in today’s social-media-driven era. FOMO is common in travels – from experiencing the 90-minute Chicago river architecture tour to seeing the Cloud Gate or taking the Food and Walking Tour. Usually, there is so much to do and barely enough time to accomplish them all. A US study indicated that approximately 69% of millennials might attempt to create FOMO themselves, with 33% admitting to doing so. However, FOMO can cause you to miss out on priceless travel experiences. That said, here is how to overcome your FOMO mindset.  

Recognize FOMO as normal

Recognizing the benefits of missing out on some trips is essential for quickly overcoming the mindset. While there are endless travel prospects, you only have limited cash, energy, and time to experience everything. This is why you should focus on and enjoy the present experiences to the fullest. However, feeding your FOMO will only make your trip stressful and rob you of the fun experience you have been craving for. Therefore, it’s prudent to focus on what you will gain from another opportunity. 

Reflect and bring the pieces together

It is important to reflect when you have missed out on something before. With that experience, you will find it helpful to let things go. However, the key focus isn’t about the lost prospects or your emotional meltdown but the new opportunities created because you missed out. Reflecting on your past experiences and putting the pieces together is vital for letting go and enjoying every present moment to the fullest.

Explore unknown locations

This is more for the adventurous ones who aren’t scared to risk it all for the unforgettable, fun, and thrilling experience. If you are ready and willing to overcome your FOMO, grab your map, close your eyes and randomly point to a location. The place you point to is where you are headed for your next vacation. This way, you don’t need so much planning to decide your location, reducing stress and anxiety in selecting a site. However, if you end up somewhere in the Midwest or Chicago and want to enjoy authentic Italian food, then you are in luck. The region offers one of the best signature dishes and locations to help you relish your trip.

Develop an abundance mentality

It is easier to get upset when your travel plans don’t work out the way you intended. This can cause you to live from a space of lack, especially when you believe you’ve lost an opportunity with nothing left for you. However, the world is vast and offers so much. If you have missed a fantastic trip, believe that there are many lined up, meaning you neither lose nor miss out. You will find the travel experience you seek in another trip or another location. 

While it is easier to assume that you’ve lost a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, in reality, each moment happens once in a lifetime. Just as they come and go, there’ll be more to keep coming your way to relish.

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