Unique Tourist Places To Visit in Arizona

Unique Tourist Places To Visit in Arizona

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Arizona: year-round sunshine and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes galore. This copper-orange state has so much to offer residents and tourists. Whether you come from the East Coast or live just a state or two away, Arizona can provide fun for you and the people who come along. But what else can you do besides hang out at the resort or go to the Grand Canyon? Don’t worry—this warm, sunny state has plenty to do! Whether you’re there for a work trip or a family vacation, there are many unique tourist places to visit in Arizona.

Arizona Museum of Natural History

Perhaps you’ve been traveling with a large group of people. Every day, you’ve been visiting restaurants, bars, or even live performances under the warm sun. Maybe you feel like you need to take a little break by taking in some Arizona history. So consider stopping by the Arizona Museum of Natural History and checking out what it has to offer.

The Arizona Museum of Natural History is dedicated to helping visitors discover and understand the cultural and natural history of the Southwest. It allows visitors to find all sorts of new things, such as pieces of art, dinosaur discoveries, and a brief overview of the history of the Gold Rush. Just make sure the people in your party who have handicap restrictions meet qualifying conditions for a handicap parking permit so that they can gain easier access to the building.


If you want to take a trip to the past, visit the small historic town of Tombstone—easily one of the most unique tourist places to visit in Arizona. Also known for its appearance in a movie of the same name, the village was established in 1877 as one of Cochise County’s last boomtowns. Offering a fun experience of the Wild West, Tombstone provides plenty of places to explore, from historical landmarks to saloons and other buildings. There are also reenactments of the infamous 1881 gunfight that erupted between outlaws and law enforcement, featuring costumed actors.

The best days to experience the location are from Wednesday to Sunday, as more shops remain open and offer more entertainment opportunities for you and your traveling party on these days.


Even though Prescott only covers roughly 40 square miles of land, the city has so much to offer for activities, providing trails, serene lakes, interactive museums, and even some snow in a few locations. To get the best Prescott experience, locals often suggest taking the mile-and-a-half-long Thumb Butte trail, which will reward you with an unforgettable view.

Arizona may have hot temperatures, but it’s also full of life, rolling landscapes, and great activities. So don’t miss out on an exclusive Southwestern experience—take a visit as soon as possible.

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