What you Need to Know about Passports, Visas and Border Control

Do you know if you need a Visa to travel?

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Did you know that if you’re traveling outside of the United States, you may need more than a passport? In addition to having a passport, you may need a visa. A visa is essentially prior permission to enter the country.

We take a look at how to get into other countries with passports and visas.

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How to get through the border in most countries

If you’re traveling abroad, have you considered how to get through the border of a particular country? Border security is not a thing to be toyed with.  The last thing you and your family need is to get to the border of your destination and be sent back because you do not meet all the requirements. To begin with, most countries require you to have your passport. Typically that may be all you need. However, requirements vary on a country by country basis.

So what requirements are there? Let’s take a look.

Proof of sufficient funds

There are numerous countries that ask if you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay. It means that when you land, a Customs and Border Protection officer or an immigration officer will ask you for some proof that you have money. You can present cash, valid credit cards, traveler’s checks, money orders, etc. Basically, you have to prove that you can buy food, pay for accommodation, or for anything else that you plan on doing in the country you are visiting. That eliminates many risks like working without papers, or even begging (yes, that is a real issue.)

Countries that require proof of sufficient funds at the border are the United States,  the Schengen area of Eastern Europe, Canada, Mexico, and much more. Occasionally, the immigration officers do not ask for means of subsistence. Usually, however, they ask why you are entering the country, and depending on your answer, you may or may not need to provide proof of sufficient funds.

The above proof is not required if you are invited by a member of family or friend. However, you will need a letter to prove that they will provide food and accommodation for you.

Countries requiring a Visa

If most countries have some requirements, there are others who do not ask a thing. Often Customs and Immigration ask what the reason for your travel is. For example, if you are from the European Union and you travel inside Europe, chances are that nobody will talk to you if you travel by car. Airports will ask some questions, but it depends on the situation. Also, some countries will only ask for your visa and passport. For example, if you travel to India, all you need is an Indian e-visa and your passport. The effort is minimal. You get an online visa, and even your passport photos are ordered online. There is no invitation letter, no proof of sufficient funds, no nothing.

iVisa is an easy start to research your country specifications. Simply enter your home country, or nationality and where you’re traveling. The site tells you if you need a visa. Additionally, you can proceed through securing a visa through a quick and simple online application.

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