Orlando Rep Stage Makeup Camp Review

girl with stage makeup for Orlando Rep Camp

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This summer, my daughter had the opportunity to take a Stage Makeup Camp with the Orlando Rep. During school breaks and over the summer, the Orlando Rep offers many different types of camps. If you’re traveling to the Orlando area, this would be a great way to get professional theater exposure in a fun environment.

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The following is Gloria’s overview of the camp.

Stage Makeup Camp Review

This summer I attended a stage makeup camp at the Orlando Rep. The camp ran for four days July 1-5 (we had the 4th off). While it was short I learned a lot and had a ton of fun.

The first day we met our instructors and talked about stage makeup. Makeup is different from just painting on your skin, you’re telling a story through makeup. I’ve never been much of a makeup person but I do love telling stories!

There were people there who had been doing makeup for forever and people who knew nothing about makeup, but no matter the skillset we all learned something new and improved our skills. 

If you said anything negative about yourself (or just felt like you needed encouragement) you would have to stand up and say “I am beautiful, I am amazing, I am nature’s greatest miracle!” Then the rest of the room would clap. It was a great way to feel good about what you were doing.

Mouse nose on young girl with large eyelashes.

We learned how to do highlight and contour makeup, and how to make it show up from the stage. You may look like a bit of a clown up close, but from the stage, you look like a completely normal human being.

On the second day, we did old-age makeup. We started off by talking about what happens to your face when you get older. We talked about looking at and feeling your face for the lines that will appear as you age.

After all of us were done creating our old age look, we created characters. We were given a few minutes to come up with a name, job, relationship, and a few other details. Then one by one we presented our character to the class. My character’s name was Kathleen, she likes to go by Kathy. She worked in Nebraska on a farm for most of her life, but she recently moved to Florida. She sings in a barbershop choir.

Orlando Rep Camp for stage makeup young girl demonstrating old age makeup

Editors Note – Gloria’s character is a combination of her grandmother (my mom) and the fact that Gloria herself sings in a barbershop choir.

The third day we did blood, bruises, and abrasions. We learned about injuries and how they look different over time. We talked about researching the injuries the character may have and how old the injury is. Our instructor made sure to tell us not to act as if we were actually injured.

Final Presentation

The last day we had a presentation, that we had worked on during the course of the week. On the first day, we were given three animated movies to chose a character from, Jungle Book, Finding Nemo, and Nightmare Before Christmas.

During the week we were given a little time at the end of each day to think about and develop our makeup for the character. On the fifth day, we did the makeup for our character. I chose Zero from Nightmare Before Christmas.

At our presentation, we talked about what we had done over the week and presented our makeup designs.

Zero stage makeup for Nightmare before Christmas at Orlando Rep camp for Stage Makeup.

If you enjoy acting, makeup, or just want to learn a new skill I highly recommend taking this class.

For more information about taking a camp at Orlando Rep, check out their camps and classes here. They have summer camps, school breaks, week-long and day offerings. In fact, there’s a Halloween Makeup Master Class on October 26th.

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