Now is The Best Time to Make Your Travel Bucket List

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People are always happy to usher in the New Year, but the arrival of 2021 has been more keenly awaited than others as it is the year we hope to permanently put the coronavirus behind us. With most people working from home and sacrificing most things in life, including socializing, eating out, and traveling, the approval of a vaccine has given us hope that we can soon travel again and see new attractions and experiences.

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Top 6 Travel Destinations of 2021

Visit the City of Wine in Italy

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Wine is an integral part of the Italian identity. If you like to imbibe, then you should visit the village of Barolo (City of Wine). Located in the Piedmontese province, Barolo has an estimated population of 700 citizens. Despite the small population, Barolo is the birthplace of the Barolo red wine. Additionally, it is located right in the middle of the Langhe hills, which were recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Visit the City of Timişoara

Located in the western part of Romania, the City of Timişoara has been labeled as the 2021 Capital of Culture in Europe. As the European Capital of Culture and the third-largest city in Romania, there is a special program that promotes the richness and diversity of its culture.

Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii is America’s 50th state, and it is a good tourist destination this year. Although most travelers will opt to use the capital – Honolulu as their stopover to Kauai and Maui, there are several reasons why you should stay in Oahu. Being the 3rd largest Hawaiian island, Oahu has a diverse population, and there are several options for exploring the different regions. There are also several land and water activities, and you can find surf lessons in Waikiki Beach and go snorkeling in the tranquil bays.

Visit Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is Nebraska’s largest city, and it has several electric neighborhoods, which blend both new and old in an exciting way. Make a point to grab the front-row seats on some of Omaha’s hot 2021 events, like the Omaha Fashion Week, which will be held in March. There’s also the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials, which will be held in June, where you will get to see top athletes compete.

Go hiking in the Southern part of Italy

There are several initiatives that aim to make the southern part of Italy more popular. Places like Cammino Materano have great hiking routes. The city of Matera has six hiking routes that connect to other great places in Southern Italy. This project, which has been promoted by local businesses and volunteers, makes it a fun way to slowly enjoy traveling in what was once known as Magna Graecia.

The Grand Egyptian Museum

Because of the pandemic, the opening of the Grand Egypt Museum was pushed from 2020 to mid-2021. However, with the trove of antique treasures that date back thousands of years, the opening of the museum is worth the wait.

What is Your Travel Bucket List?

2020 has been an unusual year where people gave up socializing and many other important things to curtail the spread of the coronavirus. However, now that there is an approved vaccine, there is hope that we’ll start traveling soon. Whether you’re traveling alone or with teenagers, you can use the above bucket list to travel to new places and create new experiences. 

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  1. Thank you for this insight! I have surfed a few times in Waikiki and my all-time favorite surf school was Hans Hedemann Surf. surf lessons were very professional and I stood up on almost every wave.

  2. Thank you! I have another Oahu trip coming up! I have surfed more than a few times in Waikiki and my all-time favorite surf school was Hans Hedemann Surf. Their 2 hour surf lesson made me a much better surfer!

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