Nightmare Travel Experiences & How To Avoid Them

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Unfortunately, nightmare travel experiences are more common than you might imagine. There are many things that can go wrong while you’re on vacation, but thankfully there are also a number of preventive measures you can explore to help reduce the risk of encountering such unenjoyable occurrences! This guide contains a variety of travel experiences, as well as how to avoid them, so read on to find out more. 

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Bed Bugs 

Bed bugs are pests that lurk inside beds in unhygienic, damp, dark and old hotels, and they’re very difficult to get rid of. You’ll soon realize if you visit a hotel that has bed bugs, because as soon as you lie down you’ll notice bites beginning to appear across your body. Bed bug bits can be itchy and painful, and there’s even a risk that you could carry bed bugs or their eggs back to your own home, which means an infestation could break out. Visiting hotels which have a respectable rating is a good way to avoid such an issue, as inspectors would soon pick up on a bed bug infestation and subsequently offer a very low star rating. It can also be beneficial to check reviews left by previous visitors, as they would certainly reference such an issue if they were to encounter it during their stay. If ever you do encounter a bed bug infestation when you’re travelling, then do not hesitate to reach out to an expert to seek justice so that fellow travellers do not have to go through the same experience. This is one of the few ways to fight back against hotels with lacking standards, so learn more here if you have been affected by a bed bug infestation while on vacation. 


Unfortunately, no matter how nice the area may be that you are visiting, there is always a risk of theft. Tourists are always easy targets due to their unfamiliarity with the area, language and local culture, so they are unlikely to give chase and would even find it difficult to report such a crime. Luckily there are steps that you can take to reduce the risk of theft while travelling, starting off with buying the right kind of bag. When you head out during the daytime, you’ll only need to carry a few things with you (generally no more than your money, ID, phone and hotel key), so you don’t need a backpack or handbag that’s easy to steal. Wearing a smaller cross-body bag is much safer, as your most valuable possessions can be hidden beneath your jacket out of sight. It can also be beneficial to make changes to ensure you are not a target of theft, such as not wearing jewellery and avoiding heavily branded fashion. 

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