New Year, New Move: Relocating To The UAE?

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The tiny nation of the United Arab Emirates packs a really big punch for its relatively small size. If dynamite comes in small packages, expect to be blown away because what the country lacks in land space, it more than makes up for with dazzling cities, pristine beaches, breathtaking desert-scapes, and an attractive destination for upwardly mobile families.

Everyone knows all about the tax-free salaries (and decent ones at that), that the country offers, along with an almost zero percent crime rate and world-class schools and healthcare. This along with an economy that has weathered the Covid storm particularly well means that there are thousands of vacancies in the Emirates and foreign workers are expected to come pouring in again, as usual.

There are well over 50,000 Americans in the UAE, and while that number is pretty dwarfed when compared to nearly 2.75 million Indians that work in the Emirates, the vast majority of workers from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka work in low income, labor type jobs – something of a stain on the image of the Emirates and in recent years, there has been a greater push to improve the living and working conditions of these workers.

But, for workers from the USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, life is pretty darn good in the UAE, with most of these nationals gravitating towards employment in real estate, banking, business, hospitality, science, art, and technology. Indeed, those tax-free salaries can reach as high as $100,000 a month for the top-earners in some sectors, however, the vast majority of professionals coming to the Emirates will comfortably earn around $100,000 a year – tax-free. (Although as Americans, we never get to escape Uncle Sam’s reach, but still).

So, if you’ve been thinking of emigrating to the UAE, we’ve put together a quick reference guide for you, which while in no way is comprehensive, we hope will give you a little encouragement nevertheless.

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Why is the UAE so attractive for professionals?

Well, this is a multi-faceted question that deserves a broader answer than just ‘tax-free salaries. Rather, the region is fast developing and equally as fast, is establishing itself as a major global player in the world of industry, trade, science, petroleum, and the arts. Major global universities have established campuses in the UAE, and this has made it particularly attractive for families relocating to the area.

Added to that, the region offers a hive of activity, great weather, fabulous beaches and marinas, and some of the best nightlife and shopping in the world. So, all in the country promises a challenging and rewarding professional life, combined with a unique urban landscape unlike any other.

Speaking of Tax-Free

It’s not just salaries that are tax-free, but rather the country itself has zero taxes on goods, services, savings, investments, food, and drink so a few years working your way up the professional ladder in a city like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, can set up your finances for life. Of course, that does depend on you being able to resist shopping at the best malls, stocked with the world’s most luxurious brands.

Think you know about cosmopolitan living?

New Year, we’re talking to you here and you’d best listen up because if you think that living in a major city like New York, London or Singapore has prepared you for life in cosmopolitan Dubai – think again. 80% of Dubai’s population, is foreign and at any given point in time, you’ll be working with people from the Middle-East, Europe, South Africa, Russia,  Australia, China, Singapore, India, Mauritius…you get the idea, and this means that they’ve brought their home tastes with them, making the Emirates (especially the cities) absolute heaven for foodies. You can hear dozens of languages spoken every day – and match them with your tastebuds.

Sky-high living

For those relocating to the major centers of Dubai or Abu Dhabi, you’ll be loving life in gorgeous apartments and villas, in stunning locations with views of the desert, the ocean, or dazzling skylines. Apartments rentals will show you just how vast the accommodation and real estate offerings are in Dubai and the UAE as a whole, and you can spend as much money as you like – make no mistake. A peculiarity about the rental market in Dubai is that most landlords will require you to pay for your years’ rent in advance, or split between 4 – 6 equal payments, using post-dated checks. Speak to your agent for more information and advice.

There are so many great reasons to consider a move to the UAE, and as the world changes around us, don’t limit your perspective to one place, get out there and experience the richness of life.

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