Top 10 Must See Natural Wonders in the USA

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With an area of over 9.8 million square kilometers, America is simply massive. And, it’s a given that such a large expanse of land would be home to some of the most spectacular bounties of nature. From the mighty mountain ranges, lush rainforests, gushing waterfalls, to unique volcanic features, the USA has truly been blessed with the beauty of Mother Nature.

If you are a traveler drawn towards the natural wonders’ marvel and beauty, America will not disappoint you. All you need is some time on your hands and vacation on your mind to start exploring its treasures.

This article has brought you a list of top ten stunning natural wonders in the USA that are a must-see for any avid traveler. Let’s get started!

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1.   Yellowstone National Park

If you have to visit just one national park in the USA, make sure it is the Yellowstone National Park. Situated mostly in Wyoming and parts of Idaho and Montana, this one has the distinction of being the first national park in the world.

The park has spectacular canyons and mountains, petrified and living forests, the Snake and Yellowstone rivers, and a variety of wildlife. But, it’s known for having the largest collection of geysers in the world, of which The Old Faithful is the most famous.

2.   Grand Canyon National Park

Regardless of how many books you read about or pictures you see of the Grand Canyon National Park, nothing quite prepares you for its grandeur.

Stretching over 227 miles in northwestern Arizona, the Grand Canyon is an intricate carving of towering peaks, gorges, ravines, and buttes in layers of gray, red, brown, pink, and green rocks. All the colors and beauty come together to offer you a view that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

3.   Niagara Falls

The cascades of the famous Niagara Falls are formed when Lake Erie drains into Lake Ontario. It is located in New York, along the US border with Canada, so this natural attraction is shared between the countries.

The best ways of getting a glimpse of this massive waterfall are by visiting the Cave of the Winds or taking a boat tour that will take you to the Bridal Veil Falls, the most accessible part of the Niagara Falls.

4.   Monument Valley

The Monument Valley is one of the most spellbinding landscapes in America, consisting of sandstone mesas, buttes, and spire rocks in the Colorado Plateau. The place is located where the states of Arizona and Utah converge, and the Navajo Nation manages the area.

Bring your roof rack tent here because it’s a great place for camping and hiking. Some of the famous rock formations of the place are the Mittens, the Three Sisters, and the Camel Butte.

If you don’t have a tent, consider renting an RV from RVshare.

5.   Devil’s Tower

As a 1,267 feet rock formation that dramatically juts out of the prairie region of Wyoming, the Devil’s Tower is a marvelous creation of nature.

The Native American tribes of the area, namely the Cheyenne, Crow, Lakota Sioux, Shoshone, and Kiowa, consider the rock sacred and have ceremonies in June to celebrate it. You can try climbing this massive monolith or walk around the trail at the base.

6.   Mount Rainier National Park

If you are in Seattle and it’s a particularly bright sunny day, look towards the southeast, and the chances are that you will catch a glimpse of the gigantic Mount Rainier. It is a dormant snow-covered volcanic mountain that mostly remains shrouded in thick clouds.

Mount Rainier receives the world’s highest accumulation of snow annually. The place is a mecca for the mountaineers, as thousands of climbers ascend to the 14,410 feet summit annually.

7.   Death Valley

The stark arid landscape of Death Valley pops with the brightest colors in spring. The wildflowers bloom across the landscape, and the place looks like something straight out of a picture postcard.

Though the flowers are mostly seen in April after the rainy winters, Death Valley is equally beautiful during the other times. The outstanding sand dunes and numerous geological oddities have made it one of the USA’s unique natural wonders.

8.   Olympic National Park

Another one of nature’s gems near Seattle is the Olympic National Park, which preserves the famous Olympic Mountains. This National Park lets you explore the country’s temperate rainforests, where a variety of wildlife thrives.

Distinctive plant species, such as Western Hemlock and Sitka Spruce, are also found in this place. If you move towards the western coast of the Olympic Peninsula, you will find scenic beaches and islets.

9.   The Crater Lake

The water of the Crater Lake has such a deep blue shade that it almost looks like ink. The cliffs beside the lake tower at the height of over 2,000 feet. The good idea is to walk along this rim and look down at the serene lake below.

An interesting fact that you must know about Crater Lake is that, at 1,900 meters, it is the deepest lake in the USA. While you are at this place in Oregon, don’t forget to visit the Crater Lake National Park.

10. Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, located in central California, is a place that attracts a large number of visitors every year for its biological diversity, massive waterfalls, and granite cliffs.

It is renowned for the Half Dome granite cliff, which has become the hallmark of this national park. Another favorite spot of the visitors is the Yosemite Falls, which is the highest waterfall in North America, at the height of 2,425 feet.

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Are you ready to go sightseeing these ten amazing natural treasures of America? It is for sure that reading about all these wonderful places has made you pretty excited to see them for yourselves. Then why waste time? It is time to start planning for your next vacation and head over to these locales as soon as possible. Let us explore the country like never before!

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