Impromptu Road Trip to a Theme Park? Don’t Forget These Essentials!

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When school’s out for the summer, you will undoubtedly be thinking of ways to keep your kids entertained during their time away from school. The trouble is, most other parents do the same thing, and many popular attractions become fully booked.

Sometimes, you might come across theme park ideas and don’t have long to act on them. For instance, another parent might be selling their family tickets if they can’t make a specific date and time.

In such cases, you may decide that an impromptu trip to a theme park on that same day is an excellent idea. Before you and your family all run to the car and head off for a fun-filled day at your favorite theme park, you need to make sure you bring some essentials with you.

Here’s what you should bring with you:

Drinks and Snacks

For some people, their nearest theme or amusement park is an hour or two’s drive away from their home. It makes sense to take a selection of drinks and snacks for all the family to consume while they’re on the road.

Avoid taking things that act as a diuretic – otherwise, you’ll need to make several “pit stops” during your journeys!

Spare Clothes

If you’re heading to a family swimming pool or waterpark, at least one member of your family is inevitably going to get soaked. With that in mind, a sensible idea is for everyone to take some spare clothing with them if they need it, along with a towel or two.

Taking spare clothing isn’t always necessary, especially if you’re going on rides that aren’t likely to drench you in water or anything else for that matter. It can, of course, be a good idea if you’ve got very young children in tow.

First Aid Kit

Most families will enjoy a fun-packed time at their local theme park without any injuries. However, some people might end up hurting themselves and not necessarily by going on a ride.

That’s why it makes sense to prepare for any emergency situation by taking a first aid kit with you. The good news is you can get kits that are easy and light enough to carry in a handbag, for example. Don’t leave them in your car for obvious reasons!

For future impromptu road trips, it can be a good idea to keep a first aid kit in your car permanently so you’ll never forget about getting one from your home.

Cell Phone Chargers

Last but not least, are you all tech-savvy? If so, and you all have the latest smartphones, you will undoubtedly be aware that phone batteries don’t last a long time. That’s especially so if kids are playing games on their phones for the duration of each leg of your journey.

Be sure to take at least a couple of smartphone USB charging cords and adapters that plug into your car’s 12v sockets. Consider buying charging cables that are long enough to reach the back of your vehicle.

Good luck!

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