How to Use Roadtrippers to Plan the Best Family Vacation

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After months in quarantine, I’m ready for a grand vacation. And by grand, I mean ultimate, best, impressive, epic. yes, that’s a lot of superlatives, but I’m so ready, aren’t you? That’s why I use Roadtrippers and Roadtrippers Plus to plan our family vacations. It’s packed with every imaginable point of interest you need to create the ultimate, best, impressive, or an epic adventure. I’ve got the full details and reviews below. Let’s go!

What is Roadtrippers?

First and foremost, Roadtrippers is both a website and an app that focuses on trip planning. It allows you to discover activities, food, and unique things to do on your trip. You can start by exploring a destination and zoom in (similar to a Google map) or dig through their destination guides located in the top menu bar.

Perfect for Road Trips, Flight Travel, or Camping

You may think that Roadtrippers is perfect for road trips only. However, you have things you want to see, do, and eat when you get to your destination, right? This makes it great for planning out those unusual or popular spots during your trip. Roadtrippers has ideas from quirky to quaint and everything in between. Plus, similar to Trip Advisor, many places have reviews and info to note.

Hey, campers! The Roadtrippers site has campgrounds listed too. Don’t forget to add these in as needed.

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How to Use Roadtrippers Trip Planner

To begin with, create a login. This way every trip you create, you can save to reference later. Also, a login allows you to create a trip on your desktop and later reference it on your phone.

For this tutorial, I am going to assume you’re on a desktop. Some of these instructions may work better than on your phone.

To begin, click the Start New Trip in the upper left. Next, you’ll start adding waypoints. I’ll discuss those in more detail in a bit.

Screenshot of Roadtrippers map on desktop

If you’re flying, just type in a destination, no need to do the starting from. From here you can add different places you want to see. If you want to arrange them in order, in the sidebar, you can click and drag it to your preferred order. The site and app do assume you’re driving at some point, so it will arrange your waypoints as if you are going from one to the next. However, if you’re just visiting a destination, keep these as a list of things to do as well as ideas along the way.

If you are driving, add your starting and ending point. From here, you can adjust your setting to see waypoint suggestions along the route.

Adding Waypoints

Waypoints are the points of interest along your route that you add to your trip. These include:

  • Popular
  • Accommodations
  • Attractions & Culture
  • Dining
  • Outdoors and Recreation
  • Camping
  • Entertainment
  • Services
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Motoring

I’ll highlight a few of these below. By clicking gon the menu bar, you can highlight only one type of waypoint to narrow down specific things you want to see. For example, if you need accommodations or campgrounds, just click on those for the types of accommodations you need.

To add to your trip, just click the waypoint, and choose “add to trip”. Or click the heart to add to your favorite places.

screenshot of Roadtrippers add to trip

A key thing to note about Waypoints. If you want to add more than five, you’ll need to upgrade to Roadtrippers Plus. It is $29.99 a year, but as a product I use, I can attest to this product as well worth the cost to save my ideas and destinations all in one place. You can use the free version to look things up, search destinations, and create as many trips as you want. But if you’re like me and always full of ideas, Roadtrippers Plus is a time saver.

Save $5 on Roadtrippers Plus

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close up screenshot of Roadtrippers menu sidebar

Points of Interest

In my opinion, the points of interest are one of the best features of Roadtrippers. When you click to highlight only points of interest, you can include things such as Abandoned, Film & TV, Historical, Literature, spooky Places, photo ops, and more. Points of Interest are found under the yellow eye icon.

Outdoors and Recreation

Here you’ll find national and state parks, scenic points, hiking trails, and geographic features. This is located under the mountain icon.

Attractions and Culture

If you’re looking for museums, amusement parks, offbeat or roadside attractions, or children’s attractions, click the camera icon.

Trip Settings

To get the most out of Roadtrippers, adjust your trip settings. In that sidebar, you have the option to make the trip round trip, reverse it, invite friends or family, and create a personal trip guide.

Click on the three dots in the sidebar and choose trip settings. Here if you plan to print out your trip guide, you can give the trip a name, description, etc. The best part, however, is adding your vehicle and fuel. This then adds to your trip, you estimated cost for fuel. On the epic adventure, I have planned for 2021, this is key to planning.

screenshot of trip guide and settings

At the bottom of the sidebar, you can adjust to see how far off your route you see waypoints. Don’t want to venture far, take it down to five miles. Ready to wander, go 30 miles or infinity.

Why You Need Roadtrippers Plus

Is Roadtrippers Plus worth it? In short, yes. Even if you’re planning short day trips, you’ll likely hit more than five waypoints.

I think having the full Roadtrippers Plus membership is incredibly valuable. And don’t forget I have a promo code for Roadtrippers Plus. Click any of the links or the button below to use.

Save $5 on Roadtrippers Plus

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More Ways to Use Roadtrippers

The website offers more than just a place to plan your own trip. It’s chock full of inspiration as well.


When you head to, along the top menu bar, click on Magazine. These are articles all about travel. Find articles in road culture, the great outdoors, how-to, and news and events. These may just spur some ideas to add to your epic adventures.

Trip Guides

Trip guides are a collection of trips tailor-made to add to your next family vacation. These are guides created by expert road trippers that include things such as family road trips, classic USA Road Trips, city guides, and scenic drives. Just another way to inspire wanderlust and trip planning.

Using the Roadtrippers App

Finally, let’s talk about using the app. It works much the same as it does on your desktop. You can use it to find things nearby if you’re out and about. Explore guides, and discover places.

However, the cool part is loading up the directions. no need to plug in your destination and waypoints to your map. Just click on your trip, click on your first waypoint, then choose to navigate. I think this makes it the perfect all in one trip planner.

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    Let me know your thoughts. Have you used Roadtrippers? What do you think? What is your favorite part about it? Comment below.

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