How To Travel With Your Kids on an Airplane During COVID

How To Travel With Your Kids on an Airplane During COVID

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While it’s not ideal right now, you may need to travel a long distance with your kids this year. While avoiding crowded airlines is the best way to stay safe, you can find ways to protect yourself if you need to fly somewhere. Knowing how to travel with your kids on an airplane during COVID is essential. Make sure no one gets sick when you follow these tips and tricks.

Book Direct Flights

Direct flights get you to your destination quicker. While they may cost more than an option with layovers, you want to avoid spending too much time in the airport. The more time you’re in crowded spaces, the more likely you are to contract the virus.

Pro Tip: Stick to domestic travel for now if you can. Longer flights and going into other countries pose a risk if you get sick while traveling and can’t return.

Pick Your Seats

Stay together when traveling as a family. To ensure you can sit with your kids and watch them, make sure you get seats together. You may need to choose a specific airline for this advantage.

Don’t Eat on the Plane

If your flight is less than two hours, try to eat before getting on the plane. Airlines still provide drinks and snacks, during which people remove their masks. If you must fly your family a long distance, consider renting a private plane. One of the major impacts of COVID on private jet travel is that it’s increased, since it’s safer.

Pack Extra PPE

Even when kids understand the reasons to take precautions, no one is perfect. They may lose their mask or touch all the seats on the plane. You’ll want to pack extra masks and hand sanitizer to make sure everyone has what they need.

Traveling With Infants

Airline travel is considered safe at the moment if you’re vaccinated. If you have children in your family who are too young for the vaccine, you should avoid flying. Consider traveling by car instead, so your children are less likely to encounter a virus carrier.

Learn how to travel with your kids on an airplane during COVID whether or not you have a flight planned. You never know when last-minute trips will arise. Stock up on supplies and talk to your kids often about why it’s important to take these precautions.

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