How To Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

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When I first started traveling, I was always concerned about my home – the safety of it, that is. It can be hard to let go of your control and leave your home and your valuables (especially if you have pets, too) without protection, but if you pay attention and just do a few things to help keep your home safe while you are gone, you should feel much, much better about leaving it. After all, you are headed on an adventure and you should enjoy it instead of worrying about your home! Here are a few tips to try out when it comes to keeping your home safe while traveling:

Have A Home Security System

Alarm systems are SO useful and important – they not only protect your family from intruders, but they do so much more than that. A secure life says that in addition to protecting your home and family from intruders, an alarm system also helps with protection from fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and a lot more.

Alarm companies will typically give you stickers or signs to place on your exterior windows, doors, and in your yard in order to let potential intruders know that you have an alarm system. If you have these signs and stickers in place, most of the time intruders will stay clear, but if they take the chance, once your alarm system goes off, they are running away and you have protected your home and your family. 

Ask Someone To Keep An Eye Out

If you live in a neighborhood, have someone keep an eye out for you. A great way to do so is by hiring a dog sitter (more on this below), hiring neighborhood kids to get your mail and water your plants, or just by asking a neighbor to watch your house, when possible. 

Utilize Smart Bulbs And Motion Sensor Lights

Darkness is easier to hide in and it makes potential intruders feel comfortable since it is harder to be seen in the dark. Make them feel uncomfortable by adding sensor lights around the outside of your house.

Think about it – when you turn on lights inside the house, people know you are home. If you have a light turn on when it notices someone at the front door, this gives you a hands-free way of making someone think you are home and awake.

There are lights that work with your other technology in your home – for example, Hive makes a light that turns on at designated times – you set your schedule and Hive will turn on and off automatically for you. This feature will deter people looking to intrude on your family’s home and it is an inexpensive addition to your home safety plan.

Live In A Safe Neighborhood

Although crime can happen anywhere, living in a safe neighborhood will definitely help ease your worries while you are traveling.

If you do not know where to start when it comes to finding a safe neighborhood, I highly recommend reaching out to Erin King of Jax Historic Realty. He is a “best of Zillow” realtor and was featured as a 2017 “Rising Star” by Jacksonville Real Producers Magazine. He lives in a 1924 Avondale home that he restored with his partner, David. When he isn’t enjoying recreational sports, Erin can be seen strolling the streets of Avondale with his dog, Saedi, often chatting with past clients and neighbors seeking advice about their historic home renovations.” Erin knows the ins and outs of Jacksonville, specifically when it comes to Murray Hills Homes For Sale, as well as other historic areas within the area. He can help guide you when you are looking for a safe neighborhood.


I know getting a dog is not for everyone because some have allergies and some just do not want the responsibility but hear me out. Intruders have no idea how sweet and cuddly your dog is – all they hear is the bark and it scares them. To a stranger, your dog probably sounds mean and vicious when you are at the door, even if they are the sweetest pups you’ll ever meet!

Since intruders do not know how nice or mean your dog is, once they hear a bark, they usually stay away – which is a great plus for you! If you are going on a trip, having a dog sitter come to your house is a great way to 1) show that you have a dog and 2) have someone watch your home for you.

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