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How to Book a Glamorous Stay with Glamping Hub

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Have you heard the term glamping? If you combine the words glamour and camping, you get glamping. Essentially, if you want to head into the great outdoors, but aren’t keen to rough it in the wilderness, glamping is your ticket. And Glamping Hub is your ticket to finding the best glamping locations and destinations worldwide.

Glamping Hub provided us with a stay in exchange for our review. All opinions are my own.

What is Glamping

Let’s go back and talk more about what is glamping. Initially, I thought glamping was the luxury safari-style tents, as seen in the below photo.

Bell Tent in Clermont, Florida

However, glamping is even more than that. Glamping Hub has listings for tents, floating homes, tiny homes, lakeside cottages, container homes, and more.

What is Glamping Hub

Who and what is Glamping Hub? Glamping Hub is a booking engine that provides peer-to-peer rentals similar to VRBO and Airbnb. Unlike those sites, however, Glamping Hub rentals have to have direct access to nature. That is what sets that site apart.

For example, as a part of our stay in Jupiter, Florida, we were on a couple of acres of land, located on the Loxahatchee River. The shipping container home had plenty of space both inside and outside. We enjoyed dining outside, sitting alongside the river, a campfire area, and more.

I’ve browsed their site and found floating homes, houseboats, seaside tiny homes. As long as you have direct access to nature, Glamping Hub is a perfect choice for getting out into the great outdoors. In our experience, this is what truly sets the site apart from others and makes your vacation a unique and special experience.

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How Does Glamping Hub work?

Glamping Hub is similar to other peer-to-peer booking engines. The following is a step-by-step guide to booking your glamourous camping experience.

Start by searching the area you want to visit.

Next, you will see a list of vacation rental properties along with a map. I highly recommend using the search as I move the map in the map section to narrow or broaden your search.

Update your search with check-in and check-out dates to show pricing, along with the number of guests you are traveling with.

Further narrow your results by selecting a price range.

However, the next step is where it gets fun. If you are searching for a particular type of glamping experience, select the types of glamping dropdown.

From here, as you can see, you have over 25 options for unique accommodations. Obviously, some geographic locations are limited. You won’t find a lot of igloos in Florida or floating homes in the desert.
Nevertheless, you can get a truly unique and fun stay.

Additionally, if you don’t have a set location in mind, you can search by types of glamping in the main title bar. Looking for a luxury treehouse? Over 472 listings are in the hub. Simply start your search there and scroll through until you find a listing you’re interested in.

Finally, once you’ve settled on a listing, start reading through the entire listing to learn what is and isn’t available.

For example, for our stay in Jupiter, Florida, we knew that we’d have everything we need in the kitchen, as well as Wi-fi, air conditioning, linens, etc. Other listings may be more rustic or off the grid.

Also, make sure to read the reviews (and leave one once your stay is complete.) Because, like other vacation rental sites, this is peer-to-peer, rely on what other visitors have to say. Keep in mind, however, some things are simply out of the host’s control. You are next to nature, after all, expect to see nature in all its glory.

Finally, it’s time to book. Select your dates and check the availability. Immediately upfront you’ll see the cost per night, applicable taxes, and cleaning fee for your total booking amount.

Then request the booking. At this time you’ll fill in all your reservation details and payment information. Once the host confirms the availability, your payment will process.

Finally, your booking and check-in process is located in the Glamping Hub dashboard of your account. Here, find pending requests, upcoming check-ins, and past trips as well as messages between you and the host.

Another feature to utilize on the site is the Wish List. As you browse through places to stay, mark the heart in the upper right of the listing details. This pops the listing into your wish list. The dashboard compiles your wish list nicely for your review. Then you can continue narrowing down your places to stay.

Is Glamping Hub legit?

As you can see, we went through the whole process of booking and staying in a glamping accommodation. When doing research for this article, I did see this question pop up from time to time.

Yes, Glamping Hub is legit. From beginning to end everything was on the up and up and we had a wonderful experience. In fact, we enjoyed our location so much, I only wish we had stayed longer.

Glamping Hub vs Airbnb

Can you find the same experience on Airbnb? In short, sort of. Glamping Hub is special because, in order for owners to list on the site, they have to have direct access to nature. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to have a nature-infused vacation.

If you want the amazing escape into the great outdoors, start your search with Glamping Hub.

Glamping Hub Review

Overall, we were thrilled with our stay. It was comfortable, spacious, and the scenery couldn’t be beaten. I would stay here again and take advantage of the bike rentals, exploring more of the nearby Riverbend park and spend more time on the river.

The shipping container and surrounding land and views were extraordinary. The home itself was clean and well-stocked. the location was remote but easy to access. The grounds were scenic, yet had plenty to offer between the campfire area, outdoor seating and grilling, and riverside views.

The hospitality and knowledge from our host were top-notch. They took great care in ensuring we had a comfortable and fun stay. Our host reached out to let us know not just about the container home, but what to find in the area with restaurant and activity recommendations.

I only wish we had stayed longer so that we could explore more of the area, including our vacation home away from home.

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