Surprisingly Fun Places in the US To Visit with Family

Traveling as a Young Family

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Families are hardworking units: while the parents go off to work, the children attend school to become hardworking adults. With the time you also spend taking care of the home and doing activities outside of work and school, spending quality time together can be difficult.

So why not take a vacation? Going on a family trip is a beautiful way to kick back and relax while enjoying each other’s company. Choosing somewhere fun to go will have a significant effect on your energy and focus when you return from your trip. Here are a few surprisingly fun places in the US to visit with family.

The Western States

If you want a beautiful, nature-filled experience, visit one of the Western states. From the Golden Coasts of California to mountainous Colorado, there’s so much to do in the Western region of the US. You can take your family to Anaheim, California, and experience the magical world of Disneyland or even go to Portland, Oregon, to get a breathtaking outdoor experience. There are even fun places to visit in Carlsbad, New Mexico, for the whole family to enjoy. It all comes down to what your family enjoys and what’s feasible for your trip.

The Hawaiian Islands

If you want to take your trip out of the continent, one of the surprisingly fun places to visit in the US with family is Hawaii. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy something fun if it works with your budget and time frame.

Each island has something different to offer for you and your whole family. Oahu and Big Island are both bustling islands with city life and activities. But if you’re looking for a romantic setting, Maui and Lanai have you covered. If you want to go exploring, Kauai is a must on your travel list. Finally, Molokai has a traditional Hawaiian feel and a rich history.

Along the East Coast

The East Coast is relatively large, spanning 14 US states and 2,165 miles. You can plan different road trips for just one state alone on the East Coast. But for time’s sake, you can also take short road trips through a couple of states of your choosing.

If you want to stay in warmer climates, consider driving from Miami to Key West, Florida. If you want to travel through historical regions, driving from Boston, Massachusetts, to Portland, Maine, is an exciting choice. There’s so much to choose from and so many destinations to visit, so go over where your family prefers to go beforehand.

Whether you’re in-state or across the country, the point is to have a good time as a family. So be sure to take in every moment of your trip. You’ll look back fondly and want to do it all over again.

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