3 Ways to Prepare Your Kids for Their First Skiing Vacation

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If you’re planning for your first family skiing trip there’s a lot for you to think about. If this is not your first family vacation, you’ll be aware of all of the things that can go wrong when taking kids on any type of trip. Skiing comes with its own risk, from the cold weather to all of the gear that the kids have to get used to wearing as well as all of the other safety concerns that come from spending time in the snow. 

Here are some of the things you can do to best prepare your kids for their first skiing trip. 

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Pack the right clothes and equipment 

Any form of cold can make your kids miserable. So when it comes to skiing, you will need to make sure you invest in the right stuff that will keep them warm and comfortable. 

This includes; thermals, snow pants, fleeces, mittens, and hats for wearing, and other equipment such as a hydration pack. 

Kids outgrow these items quickly so it will take some investment, but it will be worth it to keep them happy. If you’re conscious of budget then you can always check out second hand websites to pick up some bargains. 

When it comes to hydration packs (kids default move is to say that they’re thirsty!) you want to make sure that you get the right fit and to have one that holds enough for the family while you’re out on the slopes. Check out besthydrationpack.org for reviews of the most popular hydration packs on the market. 

Have some skiing lessons booked in 

Skiing is a special skill, and not everybody will take to the slopes as easily as the next person.

Skiing teachers are specially trained to keep kids engaged, entertainment, and most importantly, safe while they get to grips with the sport. It’s also best to leave the responsibility to a professional as kids are less likely to complain when they’re being instructed by somebody else- making the experience more fun and much less stressful for all involved! 

You can opt for either private or group sessions depending on your budget or how well you think your child will cope in either setting.

Have other things planned, too 

After a busy morning skiing, your little one may be happy and prepared to go again all afternoon, or the cold may get to them and they feel as though they are done for the day.

If you want your kids to stay happy and interested then plan other things in the event that they don’t feel like skiing so that nobody is left bored. If you’re at a resort there may be some entertainment to keep the kids happy, or you might want to do a little research about what’s around for everybody to enjoy as a family. 

Prepare to be flexible when you’re on a skiing trip with your kids. You won’t be able to prepare for how they enjoy the sport or not for their first time on the slopes, and everybody deserves to have a good trip! We

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