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LifeTales recently reached out to me to share their photo sharing app. It’s a safe, private way to share photos with friends and family, without texting a bunch of people and without sharing publicly on social media. Because, you know, sometimes you don’t need the boss to know you’re having a good time on vacation!

My favorite part of LifeTales, is that you can share more than just pictures. Yes, at its heart it’s a photo sharing app. But you can add your own text and audio. Plus, it works on all platforms. So if Grandma doesn’t have a phone, she can view everything on her computer.

Here’s what LifeTales has to say about their app.

Do you worry about who can see your social media posts – especially if you have young kids – with the frustration of having to choose to go with either a fully public profile, or a not-so-private one that all your friends, co-workers and past flings still have access to?

Ever post something on IG, and wish you could go back and swap that photo you just uploaded for a better one but still keep all the likes?

Get annoyed of seeing your feed inundated with content that you’re just not into? Like when that mom you once met sends you a Snap, then tags you on IG, followed by a livestream on Facebook…and all from the same event!!

Gosh, it can get tiring! So much so that it even makes some people abandon social media.

So, if you’re anything like me, I encourage you to check out the new memory book app LifeTales.

It’s a new free mobile app and desktop platform that allows people to privately capture their memories and experiences.

You can use a combination of images, videos, text, AND audio, and update each story anytime you want, even after they are shared.

Even better: you can quickly go through your contact list and choose who sees each and every story – no more having to text each friend individually (see how it differs from messaging apps!

Whether it’s creating a pregnancy journal, tracking your health and fitness accomplishments, a travel book to look back on your favorite trips, or just a story to capture those moments that made you smile, LifeTales is the photo sharing app that does it all.


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