Family-Friendly Escape Room that You Can Do at Home

girl reading escape room papers at table.

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Many times when we travel, we get the opportunity to check out an escape room. If you’re not familiar with escape rooms, it’s a great way to travel with teenagers and have some family-friendly fun. Escape rooms use puzzle-solving and team-building skills to escape a room within an allotted time frame.

Recently I’ve partnered with Mind Masters to offer you an escape room that you can do from your home. When you can’t travel, this is a great way to pass time with your family and pretend that you’re traveling to your favorite escape room. The Mind Masters TO-GO (Take-Out Global Operations) is a brand new escape mission in a box that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

About Mind Masters TO-GO

Mind Masters TO-GO (Take-Out Global Operations) is A brand new escape mission in a box (envelope) to serve as an alternative means of entertainment in the comfort of your own home.

Each mission comes packed with puzzles and challenges that are bound to test your skills. Agents are free to take on the challenges within these envelopes at their own pace, so no need to stress from any kind of deadline-driven objective. For the price of one adult admission, you and your fellow agents can give one of our TO-GO Missions a try.

Mind Masters has different methods of delivering your TO-GO envelope, from First Class or Priority Mail. The product is $30 plus tax, shipping is included.

First Take Out Global Operations now Available

Mind Masters purple envelopeescape room game to go

The Mystery on the Mary Celestial is Mind Master’s first TO-GO escape room. The Galaxy’s most lavish cruise ship has been robbed, and on her maiden voyage! The dust has settled, and all that’s left is mayhem and a few scattered bits of evidence. Join Intergalactipol on the Mary Celestial to sort out clues and get to the bottom of this high-class heist! The sky is no longer the limit in Mystery on the Mary Celestial! Click here to Accept Mission.

Note: When you’re buying the Mystery on the Mary Celestial TO-GO escape game, the link does ask you to select a day. If you’re looking to purchase as a gift, you can then choose the day you want to be delivered. If you are ordering for immediate delivery, select the same day. You’re not actually booking time at Mind Masters.

Family-Friendly Fun Escape Room

boy reading rules of a game

From the reviews at Mind Masters, kids as young as 5 can do this (with help from parents of course.) Plus, it’s the price of one person doing a 1-hour escape room. No matter how many you have playing, you’re getting a great value.

I will admit, at the time of this review, we haven’t completed our mission yet. However, that’s what I love about a take-home escape room game. We can finish at our leisure. We started the game and so far, have had a lot of fun working through the clues.

girl reading escape room papers at table.

Just like with any escape room, you’re not sure where to start, but as you start digging into the clues, the path becomes clear.

Each challenges is accompanied by a QR code. Once you solve the challenge, you scan the code, and enter a password to get another piece of the puzzle. I’m blown away by the technology of doing the escape room at home and I think it’s really well done.

We have tackled a few of the challenges and came out ahead. And a few others that leave us scratching our heads. Thankfully, we can get a hint. Along with our packet is a QR code that gets us hints. I also like that these are printed small so that I’m not reading all the hints for all the challenges. I just scroll to where I need help and enlarge the content.

The Mind Masters Escape Room TO-GO challenge is an incredible family-friendly value option to bring a little adventure into your home. If you can’t get out to travel or are in between trips, I highly recommend looking into purchasing.

If you’re looking for other things to do during limited travel, be sure to check out these ways to travel at home.

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