Essential Autumn Hiking Vacation Checklist

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There’s nothing quite like a good hike. Whether you hike with friends and family, or you’d prefer that time on your own, the feeling of accomplishment as you reach your destination is indescribable. With the cool autumn breeze on your face and leaves crunching beneath your feet, you can leave your worries behind and enjoy the scenery. Now the weather is beginning to cool off, you may be considering packing away your hiking boots – but you don’t have to! The autumn is the perfect time to take a day or two for a hiking vacation, and here’s an essential checklist for you to use to help plan!

A warm coat

While it may not be the coldest time of the year, spending most if not all of your time outside will eventually make you feel the chill more than expected, so buying a warm and waterproof hiking coat will ensure you’re warm and dry throughout your vacation. 

A sturdy but comfortable backpack

Going on a hiking vacation means that you’ll continuously be on the move, and you’ll more than likely decide to pack up camp and pitch up somewhere else later that day. Lugging around all of your gear in a less than a suitable backpack will become uncomfortable sooner rather than later. You can find some advice on backpacking for beginners and what kind of backpack to look for when going on a hiking vacation.


Unless you know your route well, you’ll need GPS at hand to help navigate through unknown areas. Find yourself a well-detailed map, or you could even use your smartphone or tablet! 

Reusable insulated coffee mug

Coffee drinker or not, having an insulated mug on hand can help with an extensive array of needs such as:

  • Keeping water warm for hours on end
  • Giving yourself a hearty warm soup to enjoy to keep energy levels up 
  • Ensuring liquids and foods stay cold for longer

Having one at hand can be super useful, so consider adding it to your checklist!

How to Make Coffee when Hiking

Lightweight walking sticks

Depending on the type of terrain you’re expecting to endure, some lightweight walking sticks may come in handy. If the terrain is mostly flat, you may not need them. However, if you’re hiking up steep hills and mountains, they will come in handy! Keeping them lightweight means you can pack them away when they’re not needed without adding lots of weight to your backpack.

Lots of socks!

Being on your feet all day will mean you go through socks much faster. Pack thick and comfortable socks to avoid blisters on your feet!

A decent power bank

If you’re choosing to use your smartphone as a GPS and contact method, your battery will likely run out faster than usual. Purchase a decent power bank to stay charged for your entire vacation!

First aid kit

Finally, even the most experienced hiker has accidents, so keeping a well-stocked first aid kit in your backpack is a must! Also, don’t forget to pack plenty of warm and comfortable socks!

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