Eight Tips To Enjoy Luxury Travel Without Spending A Fortune

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Luxury travel is an amazing experience that many people never get to enjoy, and once you’ve gone luxury, it’s hard to go back. Luxury travel can be an expensive habit to get into though. If you’re dreaming of a luxury trip but don’t have the budget to do it, there are a few tricks to save some money without going back to the all-inclusive resort. 

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  1. Choose your destination wisely. For shorter trips, stay close to home. If you have longer, you can go abroad. Longer flights tend to be more expensive, meaning it’s smarter money sense to spread that cost over more days of a longer trip. Save long-haul for longer vacations. 
  2. Book an Airbnb. A vacation rental or Airbnb will often be more luxurious for a much lower price than a posh hotel or resort. When looking for somewhere to stay, check the map for properties that are near upscale hotels. This is often a good sign it will be a luxury property. 
  3. Keep an eye out for deals. If you don’t mind travelling off-season, you can often find some really good deals at even the best hotels. Sign up for mailing lists for travel deals, and follow hotels you would love to stay in on social media. Get in the habit of checking the blogs of hotels too, as they will often post deals and offers there. You might even bag a luxury condo for less! 
  4. Avoid the main tourist areas. If you’re a little away from the most popular spots, you can get a lot more for your money, and be able to explore an area that the tourists won’t usually get to see. You’ll pay less for the same luxury and get a more interesting experience. 
  5. Visit somewhere less popular with tourists. The most popular destinations will always be more expensive, but other places can offer just as much fun and interest. Instead of paying a fortune to stay in Paris, for example, you could spend less and stay in another French city and have just as good a time. Hotels, food and tourist attractions will always be cheaper away from the big cities. 
  6. Find cheap flights on Skyscanner. Any savvy traveller knows to check Skyscanner for deals on flights, but if you’re not really bothered about where you go, you can find some amazing bargains by using the ‘Everywhere’ tool. Put in the airport you’ll fly from, and the time of year, then hit ‘everywhere’, to see the cheapest flights. You might end up finding a bargain flight to somewhere you’ve never thought of visiting. 
  7. Travel offseason. Even the most popular destinations can be more affordable at offpeak times of the year. If you can take your trip at a less popular time of year, you could save a lot of money. During school terms, the winter can often be cheaper, depending on where you go. 
  8. Look out for last-minute deals. If you like some spontaneity, this could actually save you some money when you book a trip. Keep an eye out for last-minute vacation deals with airlines, third party websites and travel agents. 

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