Confessions: Lunch at Be Our Guest was a Little Disappointing

Master's Cupcake Be Our Guest

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What I love about the Disney parks could probably fill several blog posts (and fair warning, may do so in the future.)

For my birthday this year, we got the opportunity to experience a meal at Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. I was elated. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all-time favorite fairy tales, and I like to think I’m a little like the bookish Belle.

We had reservations for the lunch service at Be Our Guest and I have to say, it was not what I was expecting. While I had read that it was a quick service dining option, I didn’t expect it to feel like so many of the other quick service options. This was supposed to be a premium location and to be honest, I was a little underwhelmed.

Be Our Guest Review

Here are a few things I noticed that didn’t impress me:

  • Even though you make a reservation, you still get a pager and wait to be called.
  • After your pagers go off, you still stand in line while reviewing the menu options very similar to a quick service restaurant.
  • You place your order with the cashier, similar to a quick service.
  • Drinks were self-serve. While yes, this does mean you can go and refill your drinks, it lends a cafeteria-like atmosphere to this elegant location
  • Portion sizes of the desserts were disappointing.

 Waiting in line amongst the knights

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t all bad. Still, I thought the following was great.

  • Unlike Quick Service, your food is brought to your table via these cute serving tray carts.
  • The atmosphere. You do feel as if you are in the Beast’s castle.
  • The food was indeed delicious, even the grey stuff!
Be Our Guest serving carts

The Grey Stuff

Let’s talk a little about what it looks like on the inside. After going through the hallway towards the ordering stations, you have your choice of sitting in three rooms: the main ballroom, the portrait room and the east wing. The grand ballroom is adorned with gilded columns, cherub frescos on the ceiling and many glittering chandeliers. To me, the most stunning feature is the enchanted window. While we were there, it appeared as if it were snowing. The park was still decked out for Christmas so I’m not sure if this is a holiday feature or not. If you listen closely, you can hear piano music of Beauty and the Beast medleys

Cherubs at Be Our Guest Restaurant
Be Our Guest Ballroom - Be Our Guest Dining Review

The portrait room features many different scenes from the movie as well as a rotating statue of the celebrated couple. Chairs and benches are ornate wooden chairs with plush pattern fabric on the back and seat.

Beauty and the Beast Portrait room - Be Our Guest Dining Review
The west wing is exactly how you’d picture it, torn curtains and portraits, dark and stormy windows and of course the rose.

The Beauty and the Beast rose - Be Our Guest Dining Review

Our food was brought to us fairly quickly.  We ordered from the menu:

The Croque Monsieur – Grilled Sandwich of Carved Ham and Gruyere Cheese and Bechamel with Pommes Frites. (or a fancy way of saying french fries)

Be Our Guest Croque Monsieur

Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich

Be Our Guest Carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef Sandwich

Eight Hour Slow-cooked Pork with Mushrooms, Onions, Carrots, and Bacon served with Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans Jardiniere.

Braised Pork (Coq Au Vin Style) Be Our Guest

Child’s Slow-cooked Pork – I noticed the menu says this comes with mashed sweet potatoes. I’m not sure if it changed, or if we subbed, but Gloria’s came with fries.

Child's slow cooked pork Be Our Guest

Everyone agreed that the Croque Monsieur was the best. It was just the right amount of toasted bread and the gruyere melted perfectly, not too much and not stringy. The pork and prime rib were tender and the veggies were steamed with a light buttery flavor and remained crisp and not soggy. The most disappointing item was the child’s pork. I thought there could have been more pork on her plate. My daughter is just starting to ease into adult meals and usually finds the child’s menu items a sufficient amount. We all ended up sharing our dishes with her. This might be enough for a smaller child, but even if mine were younger I would have liked to seen more meat.


On to the desserts. We had the Master’s Cupcake & the Chocolate Cream Puff. At $4.59 each, I wasn’t expecting a baked Alaska, but I did think we’d have a cupcake similar to those large beauties you find in the bakery.

Master's Cupcake Be Our Guest
Chocolate Cream Puff Be Our Guest

Both were fine, but nothing to write home about. A cupcake is a cupcake to me and the whipped cream “grey stuff” was light and fluffy. I’ve had better cream puff’s in the French bakery in Epcot.

Be Our Guest Dining Review

The dinner at Be Our Guest is a full-service dining and I’m sure a different experience altogether. I was mostly disappointed by the fact that this was an E-ticket attraction dining location and while nice, I was just as impressed with Gaston’s Tavern as I was here. I don’t think I would go back anytime soon.

Here’s the DOT lowdown. If you go, get a dinner reservation to experience the full-service experience. If you go for breakfast or lunch, go into it with lower expectations. However, save dessert for the Main Street Bakery.

Have you dined at Be Our Guest? Did you have a similar experience or am I off here? Leave your comments and let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Confessions: Lunch at Be Our Guest was a Little Disappointing”

  1. I did enjoy dining here as I felt it was better than many other quick service options, but the experience feels wasted on such a neat themed restaurant. Our food was really good, except for dessert. I agree they were disappointing.

    1. Thanks Erin… glad I’m not alone. I don’t see why they don’t do full service all day, rather than the mix. Our food was good, the atmosphere amazing, but it just left me underwhelmed.

  2. IF and when we make it to Disney, this will come in handy! I love how descriptive you are in writing about your experience. SUPER helpful to anyone who is looking to travel to these kinds of places.

  3. I love this blog and I agree with you that lunch at Be Our Guest is more than slightly underwhelming. I was disappointed with lunch there, but have returned for dinner many times. The dinner service is wonderful and the food is even better! You should still pass on dessert though. There are so many better options throughout the park. Unless you haven’t at least tried the gray stuff. (It’s delicious!)
    Thanks again for sharing! Love the blog!

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