7 Reasons Central Park Bike Tours are the Best

Mom and boy and girl on bikes for a Central Park Bike Tours

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The highlight, for me, of our trip to New York City, was a tour of Central Park with Unlimited Biking. Unlimited Biking Central Park Bike Tours, for me, was by far the best way to see most of the park. That’s actually my number one reason why I think it’s the best way to visit Central Park. More on that in a minute.

Okay, back to the review! Unlimited Biking provided our bike tour, however, all opinions are my own. I truly feel everyone would enjoy their Central Park bike tours.

See More in Less Time

Unlimited Biking‘s Central Park Bike Tours take roughly two hours. In that time you cover about 7 miles. You’re on a bike, so it makes sense you’ll see more than you can by foot. I’d wager to say you see more than in a horse-drawn carriage ride as well (and probably pay less!)

We saw:

  • Bethesda Fountain
  • Shakespeare’s Garden
  • The Reservoir
  • The Sweedish Cottage
  • The Great Lawn
  • Alexander Hamilton’s Statue
  • Strawberry Fields
  • And so much more

Safety First

Each bike is checked for tire inflation and working gears before check out. Helmets are also provided for your ride. While we walked to Central Park from the bike rental location, about 3 blocks south, we did ride back through the city streets. Because I had children, our guide made sure we stayed together and were safely on the bike path at all times.

Small Group Size

Unlimited Biking keeps their Central Park Bike Tours to 20 people or less. No matter your skill with bicycles, no one was left behind. Keeping the group small also allowed us to see more in less time and take plenty of pictures along the way. Which leads me to my next point.

Plenty of Picture Stops

Everything I mentioned above, we stopped to see. We got to take pictures as we pleased. As we did need to keep the tour around 2 hours, we did have a small time limit on how long we spent in each area, but because we were a smaller group, everyone got what they needed in terms of pictures.

Central Park Bike Tours Stop on main straight path in Central Park with mom and boy and girl

Easy Pace

We had all skill levels on our bike tour. I felt relaxed and that we covered the seven miles at an easy pace. If you break it down, that’s only 3.5 miles an hour and most of us walk at that pace. Obviously, because we stopped often, our actual bike pace was faster than 3.5 miles per hour, but it was a pace that everyone seemed to handle well.

Fun & Engaging Guide

Our guide, Dan, certainly was a fun and engaging guy. He not only enjoyed his job, but he also enjoyed getting to know everyone on the tour. He remembered where everyone was from and pointed out things relevant to our age group. (He saved pointing out Disney pre-teen locales just for my kids)

See the top and hidden sites

You could cover all this on your own with a bike rental, but because it’s a guided tour, you’re likely to see some of Central Park’s hidden sites as well. Things like Shakespeare’s Garden may be on the map, but is a bit hidden off the trail. Plus our guide pointed out different film locations, buildings where celebrities lived, and historical facts along the way. Having a guide would be the only way we’d get the inside scoop.

Central Park Bike Tours Info

Unlimited Biking offers so much more than a tour through Central Park. You can also rent bikes by the hour or day. In addition to Central Park Bike Tours, you can tour:

  • Harlem
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • New York Highlights

We even had fun the two blocks riding through the city streets. I would book the New York Highlights next time I’m in town.

Prices for the Central Park Bike Tours are $45/adult and $40/child.

Tours generally are at 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 1:30 pm and 4 pm. Though check the website for exact availability. Tours are also offered in English, French, Spanish, and Dutch.

To Book a Central Park Bike Tour, click here!

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