25 of the Best Travel Books for Kids

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If your kids are ready to travel, but not you’re ready to leave home just yet, these travel books for kids might just tide them over. Plus, they make a great gift whether you have homeschool kids, or just kids that are itching to be adventurous. This list is a mix of guide books and stories that will spark adventure. Plus, it’s a great gift guide for kids this holiday season.

If you’re new to homeschool, be sure to check out my guide on how to homeschool and travel at the same time. It’s both homeschooling on the road or incorporating travel ideas into your homeschool life.

Falcon Guides

I recently discovered Falcon Guides and wish I had known about this company sooner. All of these are available on Amazon.

  1. Muddy Boots: Outdoor activities for Children
  2. Ranger Rick’s Travels: National Parks – great for ages 7-12, take a tour of America’s National Parks. This one is chock full at 144 pages.
  3. Kids’ Outdoor Adventure Book – 448 Great things to do in Nature before you grow up. We need this more than ever sine we’re behind screens more now.
  4. Truth about Nature – A family guide to 144 common myths about the Great Outdoors.
  5. The Ultimate Book of Scavenger Hunts – 42 outdoor adventures to conquer with your family.
  6. Camping Activity Book for Families
  7. Scouts Campfire Cookbook for kids – this is fun even if your kid isn’t a scout. Lots of great named food, like troll stew.
  8. Backyard Birds – 101 Flashcards for discovering birds.
  9. Backyard Wildlife – 101 wildlife flashcards
  10. Animal Tracks
  11. A field guide to Dinosaurs of North America
  12. The Ultimate Animal Adventure book: 745 quirky facts and activities for year round fun.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet has long been the go to guides for backpackers around the world. They also have beautiful travel books and guides made for kids.

  1. A Place called Home – A look inside houses around the world.
  2. Adventures in Famous Places – Activity and sticker book.
  3. Let’s Explore – series of Let’s Explore Jungle, Mountain, Desert, Ocean, and City.
  4. Hidden Wonders

Travel Stories

Sometimes the best inspiration is in fictional stories that take place in the real world. These travel books for kids will inspire them to want to travel more.

  1. Journey by Aaron Becker – a wordless picture book that invites you to make up your own stories.
  2. Atlas Obscura – the worlds most adventurous kids
  3. Robinson – a boy who loves adventure
  4. Madlenka – all the world in one block.
  5. Let’s Explore with Cor-Cor – no adventure is off-limits as Cor Cor explores from his wheelchair.
  6. Anne of Green Gables – who doesn’t want to go to Canada after reading this?
  7. Little House Series – spark exploration and the pioneer way of life.
  8. Anything by Rick Riordan – my kids want to explore Greece and Egypt thanks to this author.
  9. Kingdom Keepers – if your kids love Walt Disney World, they’ll love exploring it after dark.
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    What do you think? Anything I missed? if you have suggestions for travel books for kids, drop them in the comments below.

    If you need your own wanderlust, you may enjoy my Road Trips Books series.

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