Best Snacks To Take to the Mountains With You

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There are snacks for road trips, and there are snacks to take on mountain getaways. Buying snacks suitable for your family can contribute significantly to their well-being and energy levels while exploring nature. Additionally, it’s more cost-effective to pack hearty snacks than to eat out every day. Here are some of the best options for your next adventure!

Trail Mixes

Generally, you can buy a range of trail mixes, from sweet to salty to fruity. This is an excellent option because the mixture is abundant, and you can meet the craving demands of everyone in the family. Trail mix offers carbs, sugars, and rich proteins and is user-friendly. A few handfuls can satisfy someone until their next meal, so it’s an excellent choice for kids.

Granola Bars

While packing your essentials to bring to the mountains, consider including granola bars. These are incredibly convenient to have in the cabin, trail bag, or vehicle. Try to find a variety pack that will suit everyone’s taste buds.

Protein Bars

A protein bar is similar to a granola bar because of its convenience and nutritional value. Consider finding the best brand and style for your family and taking these snacks to the mountains with you. You want to have a satisfied stomach and sustain your energy. A protein bar packed with many vitamins and healthy fats can provide the brain and body with enough fuel to survive tough treks until the next full meal.

Quinoa Salads

You can’t take quinoa salad into the wilderness with you because it’s not as user-friendly as a protein bar. However, it’s an excellent option to have at your cabin or campsite. It’s a hearty grain that can help you replenish any lost carbohydrates. And if you have someone who struggles with sugar levels, quinoa salad is a great recovery snack.


A bag of pretzels is easy to travel with and divide into snack bags while on your getaway. The nutrition properties in pretzels convert sugar into energy, so grab a handful or two and go. Then, if your family gets sick of trail mixes and bars, you have another option that will help contribute to their well-being.

A mountain experience is full of high activity and never-ending fun. Having an arsenal of snacks filled with nutrients, flavor, and convenience can make your trip easier and minimize your expenditure.

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