14 Awesome Family Travel Card Games for All Ages

2 kids playing family travel card games

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2 kids playing family travel card games

Does your family love games? Do you play games on family vacations? We love to have a family game night, and we often think about what we might do together when we’re traveling. It got me to wondering what family travel card games we might bring along with us while we’re traveling.

These family card games are easy to travel with. Some are simple card games that can be thrown into a suitcase or a carry-on. Other’s are minimal in parts so there’s no chance of losing pieces in a hotel room. I also tried to pick games that are fun for the whole family.

Family Card Games for Kids Under 5

When you’re traveling with kids under the age of 5, it’s more often about keeping them entertained, especially in the air and in the car. I’ll have a few games that will transition to the hotel or home rental, but usually, by the time you reach home away from home, most little ones are exhausted and ready for naps or bedtime.

At this age, I wouldn’t recommend card games unless they are fairly simple.

Travel Card Games ages 5 and Up

These games are great for the whole family, even though they may work for younger kids.


Uno is a classic card game that works for little ones but still involves strategy and luck for everyone. Matching number to number and color to color is easy enough for children who recognize some simple rules. As you get older, change it up with family rules or variations such as Uno Dare or Uno Flip.

Old Maid

Do you remember grabbing the Old Maid when you were a kid? I think this is a fun one to play with your little ones to watch their faces when they grab the lady. While you can play this with a regular deck of cards, I like the ones with fun pictures on it for this age.

Go Fish

Same as above, younger ones can play Go Fish for hours. If you only have a regular deck, that works. But find a fun deck just for the young ones.

Travel Games ages 8 and up

By now, kids around age 8 understand more about team building, rule-following, and strategy. For me, this is when the family game night started to become more fun. These family travel card games are easy to transport, and some can be played on the plane or in the car.

Classic Decks of Cards

There are a ton of games you can start teaching your kids with just a classic deck of cards. From classics like Go Fish and Old Maid above to Crazy 8’s, War, Slap Jack.

Smack It

Smack It is super easy, fun for the younger kids in the family, and competitive for the older ones. It’s a combination of War and Slap Jack. I like games like this that can be played with just the two kids in our family or all of us.

Story Cubes

I had to throw in one dice game. Not technically a card game, but still fun for this age. Roll the dice and tell a story. This game gets everyone’s imagination going. The kids often surprise me with what they come up with.


Growing up, this was a favorite at one of my friend’s houses, and I only ever played it with her. Now it’s a great way to pass the evening playing cards and laughing with the family.

Exploding Kittens

We take this game everywhere we go. It’s a bit tricky at first, and it definitely calls for strategy. Think Uno, with matching cards. yet you’ll never go through the deck more than once because of the exploding kitten that will cause all but one player to lose.

Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal is another favorite in our house. My husband loves Monopoly, but it takes forever to play. However, with this card game, we can get our Monopoly strategy going, but in 45 minutes or less!

Clue Card Game

Take the classic game of whodunnit with you in the Clue Card Game. Just like with Monopoly Deal, this one is quick to play, but as fun as the original board game.


Okay, this isn’t technically a card game either. However, something about this game is addicting. Create your own scrabble board, but keep everything in a cute banana sized and colored pouch.

Games for kids ages 12 and up

Would You Rather?

While you certainly could come up with a lot of these scenarios on your own, it’s nice to not have to think about the questions and just play the cards as they fall.

Pick Your Poison

There is an adult game of this one, so be sure you’re grabbing the family edition for ages 13 and up. This is a play on Would You Rather but takes it a bit further without going over the top.

Unstable Unicorns

Described as Build a Unicorn Army. Betray your friends. Unicorns are Your Friends Now. Be the first person to collect seven unicorns but destroy your friends’ areas. Competitive and funny without being crude, Unstable Unicorns is just what you need for the teen set.

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