Best Cities in Texas To Visit for Foodie Travelers

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Food vacations are a growing trend among travelers, especially young people and families looking to try new things. Texas is one of the best states for a food-themed road trip or getaway. We’ve put together a list of the best cities in Texas to visit for foodie travelers and some top-notch restaurant recommendations!


Specialty: Barbecue

BBQ isn’t just a recipe in Texas—it’s a religion to some Texans. Texas BBQ brings decades of passion and ingenuity. Although many cities will claim to be the best in the state, we’re going with Dallas and its exceptional combination of quality and quantity.

Dallas specializes in central Texas-style BBQ, which emphasizes the natural flavor and quality of the meat over complex sauces. The meat is cooked indirectly over oak wood, pit-style, and generally served by the pound.

Some of the best BBQ joints in Dallas include:

  • Pecan Lodge
  • Slow Bone
  • Lockhart Smokehouse
  • Off the Bone
  • Mike Anderson’s BBQ House


Specialty: Burgers

Texas loves BBQ, but it also loves its beef. The burger may be simple, but they do it bigger and better in Texas. You could spend days visiting all the renowned burger restaurants in Houston and only scratch the surface of Houston’s culinary scene.

The sprawling metro of Houston has over 10,000 restaurants to serve residents and travelers. Houston has a spot for you, whether you want a greasy hole-in-the-wall or a finely-crafted patty. Some of our favorite burgers in Houston come from:

  • FM Kitchen and Bar
  • Hippo Burgers
  • Hubcap Grill & Beer Yard
  • Stanton’s City Bites
  • Christian’s Tailgate Bar & Grill

San Antonio

Specialty: Fine-Dining

When you think of San Antonio, your mind probably conjures the Alamo, the San Antonio Spurs, and the Riverwalk. No foodie trip through the state of Texas is complete without stopping by the gorgeous and famous Riverwalk dining area for a delicious meal.

Many of the restaurants along the Riverwalk are up-scale or fine-dining restaurants but still affordable and welcoming to every kind of eater. Whether you want Tex-Mex, American, Pan-Latin, Italian, Cuban, or other cuisine, chances are you’ll find it at the Riverwalk!

San Antonio is a city with a rich culinary heritage, so throw caution to the wind and eat like a true Texan outside the Riverwalk and in other parts of the town!


Specialty: Food Trucks

Of course, we couldn’t leave out one of the trendiest foodie cities in the country, Austin. The fastest-growing city in America is also a mecca for food lovers and one of the origins of the food truck craze of recent years.

To feed the fast-growing population, restaurants had to get mobile and go to the customers, and Austin now is home to some of the most famous food trucks today. If you make it to Austin, keep an eye out for these mobile restaurants:

  • Taqueria Mi Trailita
  • Milky Way Shakes
  • Beirut
  • T-Loc’s Sonora
  • Sassy’s Vegetarian Soul Food

That’s our list of the best cities in Texas to visit for foodie travelers, but Texas is a big state with plenty more to offer! Which will you try first?

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