5 Neat Apps To Take On Your Next Camping Expedition

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When you’re planning a fun camping trip, there are a few neat apps that can help you to organize your plans. Make a start today, with these five options.

1 . National Park Trail Guide

The National Park Trail Guide is an app to help you experience the best national parks and some great hiking adventures. The app includes trail data and hiking info for many of the top National Parks including Mount Rainier, Rocky Mountain, Zion, Grand Canyon, and more. The app offers many cool features including: 

  • Family Friendly info, get the latest on the best hikes for kids.
  • Make a camping or hiking to-do-list (to help you stay organized).
  • Track your hiking, and send out your location in case there’s an emergency.
  • Free app that offers data offline as well as online.
  • Plan your trip using data about guided logs, lodging nearby, camping, and hike difficulty.

2. Campendium

Using the Campendium app you can choose from thousands of camping destinations whether you’re looking for remote places, RV parks or National Parks. All campsites are vetted and complete with traveler reviews, so rest assured you’ll find the best place for camping. This free application offers features such as:

  • Reviews and campground photos.
  • Maintained camping database.
  • Dispersed camping, and free options.
  • Details on RV parks.
  • Available to use across the US, Mexico, and Canada.

 3. Hipcamp

Hipcamp is an app where you can find ‘unique outdoor stays’, the app offers plenty of destinations to choose from across the US, Canada, and Australia. Here you’ll find amazing camping experiences whether on vineyards, farms or at national parks. Looking for a cool glamping or camping experience? There’s plenty on offer including:

  • The chance to stay in luxury yurts.
  • Beautiful cabins on the beach.
  • Camping on secluded lakes.
  • Camping at animal sanctuaries.

Many of these camping experiences come in the chance to experience fun activities, from foraging tours to yoga classes, or woodland adventures for kids. If you’re wondering how to go camping? Hipcamp has a variety of different options for a special camping experience.

4. Trail Chef

Using the Trail Chef application you can get lots of recipe ideas to cook on your camping trip. The application allows you to get nutritional info, access customized recipes, plan your weekly menu, and much more. Users can view all the recipes offline, so it’s easy to use even if you don’t have a Wifi connection. The app comes with simple instructions, and photos, to help you cook the perfect camp meal. Input the activities you’ll be doing and the app will suggest meals based on the calorie intake you need. For plenty of great camping recipes, this app can help you out.

5. Skyview

Planning to do some star gazing on your camping trip? Then why not check out the Skyview app. The app helps you to identify constellations, locate planets, and identify moving objects in the night sky! Cool features to enjoy include:

  • Augmented reality: Using your camera you can spot different objects in the sky.
  • Social media: You can easily share your images with family and friends on socials.
  • Identify: Learn exactly what you’re looking at, whether constellations or satellites.

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