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14 Adventures for kids who love Video Games

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If you are like most parents, your kids love playing video games. And I’m sure, like most parents, you’re looking to get them out from behind the screen, especially on vacation. Why not embrace their love for video games and take them someplace that incorporates their hand-eye coordination. I’ve put together a list of adventures for kids, like mine, who love video games.

Adventures for Kids who love Mario Kart

Take your kids on a real-life go-kart race. Of course, go-karts courses are all over the country. However, there are some courses that beat your average hometown track. Likely, these are close to other family-friendly attractions you plan to visit as well. Here are a few to add to your kids’ bucket list.

Adventures for Kids who Love Minecraft

Just about every kid loves Minecraft. Personally, I don’t get the concept. I’ve always liked games with a story and a mission to complete. However, my kids have agreed that these adventures.

To begin with, it makes sense that kids who love Minecraft might enjoy touring an actual mine. Colorado offers almost a dozen mine tours and mining museums. You can choose to chip away at a gold vein to see what you can take away, or go 500 feet below ground to see veins of silver mining.

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Speaking of going below the ground, taking a visit to a cave is another exciting adventure for kids who love video games. Mammoth Cave, in Kentucky, is the largest underground cave system in the world. The park is free to enter, however, cave tours must be purchased and only ranger-led tours are available (no self-exploring). Tours vary in ability, agility, and distance. Reservations are not required, however, recommended. We visited in July and the ranger informed us some tours book up to a year in advance.

Adventures for Kids who Love Lego – Anything!

Lego games are a popular genre for my kids. Whether it’s Lego Marvel, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, or Lego Star Wars, one of them is a go-to game to play together.

It should be obvious then that I would recommend Legoland as a great place to visit for kids who love Lego video games. Choose from 9 Legoland locations. We’ve experienced the Legoland Florida location. It’s a fun one-day park for the under-12 age range. The Florida park also offers a water park perfectly sized for that age range as well. Kids can see life-size lego characters for meet and greets, find exclusive merchandise, and watch themed shows. My favorite part of the park is the Mini-land, especially at Halloween or Christmas. The recreated cities are marvelous to look at, and during the holidays, they have holiday decorations adorning the buildings.

If you can’t make it to Legoland, find an Art of the Brick exhibit near you. This extraordinary exhibit takes original and recreated art pieces in Lego form. It’s a tremendous way to introduce your Lego-loving children to works of art. Plus, there’s a large Lego playroom at the end of the exhibit!

Photo Courtesy of CPX Sports

Adventures for Kids who Love Super Smash Bros, Brawlout, or any other Battle game.

I asked the experts for advice on this one. If your kids love any type of battle type game, the top suggestion was real-life paintball. My kids and their friends agreed that they’d love to visit some “cool” paintball places to battle it out. Here’s what I found:

More Adventures for Kids who love Video Games

Truthfully, done right, I think any adventure can be related to a video game if you phrase it right to the kids. Story modes in most games often involve some kind of puzzle or maze, so I sought out these mazes as well to include.

What about you? Do you have a travel adventure that kids your gaming kids excited? Share in the comments below!

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