9 Ways to Pamper Yourself on Your Next Trip to Las Vegas

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Las Vegas, aptly nicknamed ‘Sin City’, is full of things to do at any time of day which is why it is a popular vacation destination. However, the lights, sounds, people, and activities all around you can become overwhelming. 

Despite the adrenaline-pumping party scenes, crowds, and excitement, there are still plenty of more low-key options. To find a slice of peace in the fun chaos, consider a few of these 9 ways to pamper yourself on your next trip to Las Vegas. 

1. Treat Yourself to “Retail Therapy”

Las Vegas has some excellent shopping that ranges from outlets and antique stores to designer high fashion and everything in between. A great way to pamper yourself on your next trip to Las Vegas is to browse around the stores or buy that thing on the wish list you’ve been wanting forever. It’s called ‘retail therapy’ for a reason and that’s because it’s relaxing and amazing self-care.

2. Get a Decadent Dessert

There’s no dieting on a Las Vegas trip. It is truly a wonderland of delicious foods. Pamper yourself and get an over-the-top milkshake, a super sweet donut, your favorite ice cream, or a slice of double chocolate cake. There’s no guilt here! Enjoy every bite.

3. Mobile IV Therapy

Las Vegas mobile IV therapy is a service that comes to your hotel room or rental to give you intravenous hydration mixed with vitamins and electrolytes. Dehydration can make you feel run down. Feel like your best self from the inside out and utilize Las Vegas mobile IV therapy to pamper yourself. It helps support your immune system and makes your skin glow, too! 

4. Spa Treatments

Of course, spa treatments are an obvious way to pamper yourself in Las Vegas; however, you’ll be surprised how many unique services are offered. Las Vegas has multiple world-class, award-winning spas each with treatments you won’t find anywhere else. Spend a day relaxing at the spas themselves or have them come to your room. Booking spa treatments after a mobile IV therapy session is the best way to have a fully rejuvenating experience on your next trip to Las Vegas. 

5. Wine and Dine

As we mentioned above, Las Vegas is a foodie city, but it is also frequented by high rollers and celebrities which means there are fantastic, elevated dining experiences. Get wined and dined at one of the luxurious restaurants. You’ll be waited on hand and foot, have a perfectly crafted meal, and have the time to just be in the present moment. If you appreciate the finer things in life, it doesn’t get much better for relaxation than this!

6. Spend Time in Nature

Spending time in nature feels like a total reset. It is grounding, replenishes energy, changes perspective, and is rejuvenating to have natural beauty all around you. Within a short drive of Las Vegas, you’ll find some amazing nature where you can pamper yourself with a picnic, a hike, time on the water, or however you prefer to let go. 

If heading outside the city isn’t your speed, the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at The Bellagio Hotel and Casino makes for a good substitute. It’s filled with perfectly manicured plants and has plenty of places for you to sit and enjoy your surroundings. 

7. Sport New Nails or Hair

A manicure, pedicure, blowout, new haircut, or scalp treatment is just what you need for self-care. You’ll feel stunning and have time to relax while professionals pamper you. The nail or hair salon isn’t only for women, either. 

Gentlemen can spend time at an old-school barbershop where they include neck massages, hot towels, and a peaceful shave. Even at a hair salon, a scalp treatment can be ultra-relaxing and at a nail salon, a pedicure is the best way to take care of your feet. 

8. “Netflix and Chill”

You may not think to watch a movie or show while on vacation, but it’s relaxing to put on your favorite show, curl up in the fancy hotel bed, munch on some snacks, and stay in your PJs. Recharge with a low-key movie night. If you still want to feel like you are in the midst of the Las Vegas shenanigans, put on The Hangover and you’ll be in the action without the exhaustion that comes with it. 

9. Take a Hot Bath or Shower

Most of the hotels and rentals in Las Vegas have extravagant rainfall showers and oversized jetted tubs. Take advantage of them and take a long, hot bath or shower. You can even pop over to the store for goat milk soap to give your skin some intense moisturizing. Turn down the lights and bask in the steam to refresh and rejuvenate in Las Vegas. 

Las Vegas can be overwhelming with the number of things to do, intense nightlife, and desert heat. Consider choosing a day to include a few of these 9 ways to pamper yourself on your next trip to Las Vegas. 

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