9 Best Travel Destinations for Coffee Lovers

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Do you love coffee and traveling?

We got the list that’s compiled just for you!

Treat your taste buds to mouthwatering coffee, visit famous coffee shops, buy beans to take home, and learn more about coffee-making by visiting destinations that are on every coffee lover’s bucket list.

Must-Visit Destinations for Every Coffee Lover

Planning your next vacation can be overwhelming. If you are clueless about how to proceed, start by thinking of one thing that you love. And if you love coffee, pack your bags, and go on a coffee adventure! Here are some of the top places that are sure to excite the wanderlust in you!

1.     Seattle, Washington

It is almost impossible to compile a list of travel destinations for coffee lovers without mentioning Seattle. It is the home of the first Starbucks, which makes it a must-have on your radar! The historic store still has some of the original touches that were present since the place opened in 1971.

It is not only Starbucks that you should see in Seattle. For the best experience, consider taking an organized tour. This is a hassle-free way to go around the hottest coffee spots in the city while being guided by an expert. You can also take a walking tour that will take you to some of the best coffee shops in the area.

For those who are looking for something elegant and indie, Seattle is teeming with options. Elm Roasters and Analog Coffee are some spots to check out. Meanwhile, for those who want Instagram-worthy latte art, it is hard to go wrong with Moore Coffee Shop.

2.     Portland, Oregon

Beer and cycling are two of the first things that come to mind when Portland is mentioned. It also deserves recognition for its coffee. It has an established coffee culture that is guaranteed to give connoisseurs a good time.

Albina Press is one of the coffee shops that you should not miss in Portland. It is the epitome of barista excellence in the city. If there is one thing that you should try, go for the classic French press coffee.

Coava Coffee Roasters is another destination worth checking out. They have a coveted single-origin coffee menu that offers exciting variety. Their bestsellers are their signature honey and vanilla lattes, which are made using their in-house maple syrup. One of their stores, The Public Brew Bar and Roastery, has free public coffee tasting in the afternoon.

3.     Chicago, Illinois

Chicago has something for every java lover. It has diverse coffee shops, so there is a place where you can get your caffeine fix, regardless of your cravings.

Among others, one place you might want to visit is Intelligentsia, which is known for its thoughtfully sourced and freshly-roasted cup of joe. They have multiple locations in the city, and one of the best is in Logan Square, which features a wide and open bar so you can see the coffee-making action.

Lula Café, an inventive and market-driven café, is sure to be impressive as well. It started in 1999 using a four-burner stove and dented pots. Today, it is one of the most sought-after brewers in Chicago, which is known for being a part of the farm-to-table movement in the city.

4.     San Francisco, California

Coffee is a big part of the history and culture of San Francisco, so it is not surprising that this city made it to our list. As early as 1846, the first restaurant serving coffee opened in The Golden City. Not to mention, it is also where mega-brands like Folgers started their operations. Today, it is home to many third-wave coffee roasters.

Next to Seattle, San Francisco was once ranked the second best city for coffee lovers in the United States.

It is not only the Golden Gate Bridge that you can see here. Andytown Coffee Roasters is one of the places that should be on your itinerary, a place that is known for making artisan coffee in the Outer Sunset district.

5.     Denver, Colorado

Denver has a reputation for being the hub of brewing culture, not only for grains but also for beer. Almost everywhere you turn, you will find a coffee shop, so it is hard to run out of options on where to have a caffeine treat. Many of its craft coffee places are using locally-sourced beans, so you can expect freshness in every cup.

Crema Coffee House is one of the most popular among travelers. With its peeling wood planks, concrete floor, and exposed brick, it is a visual feast. It is a pioneer in the craft coffee scene in the city, so make sure to visit it.

Steam Espresso Bar is another place to experience. It stands out because of its approach to sustainability. They are using environment-friendly brewing techniques, so there is no need to feel guilty as you enjoy your coffee.

6.     New York City, New York

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There are many reasons to love New York, and one of the best is the coffee culture in NYC. In a city known for having hectic people, a caffeine fix is needed daily to have a jolt of energy. Such has contributed to the increase in popular coffee shops that are worth seeing on your next trip.

If you want a taste of coffee history in New York, the best place to visit is D’Amico Coffee Roasters. Located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, it was established by Italian immigrants in 1948. It has been roasting for over six decades, which is a testament to the quality they are offering.

Alpha Dominche Extraction Lab is another must-have in your New York itinerary. It offers an immersive and educational experience to its patrons. It is a showroom that showcases innovative brewing techniques, so you will surely leave with new learning.

7.     Istanbul, Turkey

Exploring the culture and history of Istanbul is incomplete without trying its coffee. This is where you can have authentic Turkish coffee. It is a rich and thick caffeine beverage that is brewed in a cezve, a copper pot. The result is an unfiltered coffee, so be prepared since it can be quite stronger than your usual caffeine fix.

For something simple but memorable, head over to Mandabatmaz in Istiklal Street. Sit in a wooden chair and table while observing the local life.

It is also a great place to shop for souvenirs that you can bring home. The Grand Bazaar is almost impossible to miss. From textiles to spices, it has almost anything you will want to buy. Whether you want a coffee grinder for cold brew or fresh beans to take home, this is where you should shop.

8.     Vienna, Austria

Viennese coffee culture is popular around the world. It may not be a pioneer, but there’s no doubt that it has an established coffee tradition that is worth discovering. The first coffee houses in the country are known for serving coffee with a glass of water in an establishment with tables for pool and card games. Today, you can still find coffee houses inspired by such a tradition.

If you are visiting Vienna, you should know how the locals order coffee. A mélange is one of the most popular items on the menu, which is almost like a cappuccino. Meanwhile, Verlängerter is the version of an Americano in Austria. For those who like traditional coffee with a splash of milk, get a brauner.

Café Central is one of the best places to have coffee in Vienna. As the name implies, it is in a central location, which helped make it more popular. It is next to the most popular tourist attractions in the middle of the city, so it is almost impossible to not have it on your itinerary. From its imposing building to the long line of patrons, you can easily spot its store.

9.     Sao Paulo, Brazil

Brazil produces almost 1/3 of the coffee enjoyed by the world. With that, it is just fitting that we include Sao Paulo on this list. It is home to passionate roasters and quirky cafes that will leave you wanting more. This energetic city offers an amalgam of flavors beyond your usual cup of coffee.

Sao Paulo is also a great starting point if you are planning to take a coffee tour of Brazil, including Paraná and Minas Gerais. You will be discovering historic farms and staying in exceptional accommodations, making your vacation memorable.

While the choices abound, one of the coffee shops that you should not miss is Ocabral Café. It has a wall mural and tropical plants. You will also find a design studio in its location, which is at the center of the city and close to the shopping area.


It’s about time that you unleash the wanderlust in you! Discover new cities, experience new cultures, and taste new coffees. Consider the cities mentioned above as you plan your next adventure!

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