7 S’mores Recipes for Camping or Beach Bonfires

kids cooking s'mores recipes at campground

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It’s almost summer time (at least in the rest of the country!) For us, summer means backyard bonfires. And whether you’re building a bonfire on the beach, camping out, or just in your own staycation vacation, these 7 s’mores recipes are a perfect taste of summer.

Campfire Cones

From Ashley, at Frugal Coupon Living, these campfire cones are easy to make up ahead of time and take with you. Note these shouldn’t go over an open flame, but placed on a grill or grate above the fire.

S'mores Campfire Cones

S’Mores Dip

The Hungry Brownie has a s’mores recipe for a dip you can enjoy around the campfire. Because this is made in a skillet, it can easily be adapted to cooking in your campfire skillet over the grill.


Muddy Buddies

Have you ever had Muddy Buddies, also known as Puppy Chow? This is a favorite snack around the campfire that doesn’t need to be roasted. I love this recipe from Like Mother, Like Daughter that combines the s’mores flavors we love!

s'mores recipes blue bowl of golden grahams, marshmallows and peanut butter, muddy buddies mix


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Cookie Smores

s'mores recipes cookies made with fudge stripe cookies. fudge stripe cookie s'mores recipe

These S’mores cookies could not be easier, thanks to Thrifty DIY Diva. Even though it’s obvious what goes into these, pop on over to her site for some additional s’mores recipes.

Personal s’mores pot

No campfire, no problem.

DIY personal smores pots are perfect for backyard entertaining or summer smore parties when you don't have a fire pit - DIY Smores Pot by Boston blogger Elisabeth McKnight

Elizabeth McKnight has the most adorable solution to making s’mores with no campfire!

S’mores Martini

[S'mores Martini i in a glass with a toasted marshmallow as garnish

This one is obviously adult-only, but have you tried a s’mores martini? The Cookie Rookie has an amazing s’mores recipe here.

S’mores Buffet

The Camp & Cabin cookbook is perfect for camping recipes.

Why not have a whole buffet of custom s’mores recipes as an option. The Camp & Cabin cookbook, which is an utterly fabulous book filled with fireside recipes, shows a bunch of ideas for your own personal s’mores buffet.

s'mores buffet

Want to camp but down own camping equipment or an RV? No problem. Check out how to camp without camping gear here.

More S’mores!

Check out this book chock full of s’more’s recipes.

S'Mores! Book

Or get this kit ready to go!

S'mores kit


Save it for later!

s'mores recipes for camping and beach bonfires

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