5 Tips for a Family Ski Vacation With Kids

5 Tips for a Family Ski Vacation With Kids

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Skiing with kids requires resourcefulness, patience, and an adventurous spirit. With the right preparation and mindset, you’re set for an awesome vacation the whole family will love. Have the best time with these five tips for a family ski vacation with kids.

1. Make Sure All Clothes Fit Well

Kids grow fast, so make sure all their layers fit well before you head off. Otherwise, you could have to pay a hefty amount for new clothes at the resort.

The layers in a ski outfit wick away perspiration and insulate your body, keeping heat in. Aside from the usual considerations regarding fit, another essential tip for staying warm on the slopes is to make sure outfits don’t leave skin exposed to the air.

2. Lodge Near the Ski School

One of the best ways to reduce stress on your trip is to lodge near your kids’ ski school. You won’t have to deal with the hassle of driving on winter roads, parking, and using a shuttle with the family and gear in tow.

Resorts can be larger than you think, so make sure your accommodations are close to the kids’ ski school. Lodging close to where you’re skiing means you can pop in throughout the day, since it’s easy to go back and grab something you left behind. Your kids might also want to take a break, and having lodging nearby is convenient in those situations.

3. Bring Essential Care Items

No matter the time of year you’re skiing, everyone needs to wear sunscreen. Give everyone an energy bar to carry in their pocket. Carry water in a ski backpack, and make sure everyone drinks plenty of water before, during, and after skiing.

Lip balm will protect lips from chapping. Remind your kids when to put it on, and avoid letting them apply lip balm on the chair lift, so they don’t accidentally drop it.

4. Pick Up Ski Gear Rental in Advance

One of the best tips for a family ski vacation with kids is to pick up your ski equipment rental in advance. Most shops will let you pick up your equipment the afternoon before your rental for free, but make sure you ask ahead of time to be sure. The equipment rental shop might also offer complimentary delivery of the gear to your accommodations.

Getting your gear earlier gives your kids time to get used to walking in their snow boots. It also allows you to avoid waiting in long lines at the rental shop.

5. Be Flexible

Like with any trip with kids, you’ll need to be flexible and patient to deal with the unexpected. A child might get tired, lose a glove, or feel cold. They might need to go back to the lodge to relax or do another activity for the day.

If you’re taking a longer trip, build variety into your vacation. Winter activities like snowshoeing and sledding are fun, and your family might enjoy visiting nearby towns between activities.

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