5 Cool Outdoor Activities To Do On Vacation

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Your vacation can only be as interesting as you make it. Being on holiday is not entirely about getting on that planned flight to your destination away from home. It includes a host of activities, mostly adventure, that take you from the hotel room to the outdoors. Considering that 3% of Florida’s GDP came from outdoor recreational activities, there is no doubt about its essence. Therefore, the next time you travel, maybe you’d want to add some of these adventures to your list.


Hiking makes it to the top of the list for many adventure lovers. It is an outdoor activity that allows participants to study the terrain of their vacation destination while enjoying the beauty nature has got to offer. As a standard vacation activity, hiking is more than an outdoor activity. Instead, it allows exercising the body while syncing with the natural environment. 

However, to enjoy your hiking activity when on vacation, it is recommended to take certain precautions first. For instance, if you are not familiar with the environment, you can ask for a tour guide or a native hiking partner to carry out this activity with you. Another option is to use a compass or a sitemap for your hiking. Ideally, the best would be a print-out site map.

Using your phone’s map or compass may not be too advisable, especially because your battery may die, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. So, if you have no idea how to read a map, now may be the ideal moment for a brush-up course on it. Additionally, it helps to pack essentials before going for that well-deserved hike in the outdoors.

Scuba diving

Can you swim? Do you love to see coral reefs and the natural habitat of underwater creatures? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a good candidate for scuba diving in Okinawa. However, it is best to note that scuba diving is more than swimming underwater. There are rules to adhere to which ensure your safety while enjoying this activity.

Horseback riding

This activity is possible depending on where you’re spending your vacation. In some instances, it may also depend on the time of the year or the season. However, experienced vacationers say horseback riding is best during the summer and the fall. Indeed, many may opt for the latter, especially due to the absence of heat. Moreover, experienced riders say horseback riding during the fall is the best for the horse’s hooves and thick body.

Undoubtedly, people tend to be nervous or fearful of horseback riding, probably due to inadequate skills. Indeed, these powerful animals can cover several miles within a short time and is a possible reason explaining people’s apprehension. Thankfully, you are bound to find trainers where there are horses. In other words, there is no way you can get on a horse without expert hands nearby.

This can be reassuring and maybe enough to quell some people’s fear of horseback riding. As a tip, before you climb onto a horse, it is advisable to be appropriately dressed for it. Perhaps, when you have this activity on your vacation to-do list, you may be adequately prepared for it.


According to planetary research, Autumn, Winter, and Spring are the best seasons to participate in stargazing. During these times of the year, the sun sets below the horizon, causing the absence of twilights that may obscure your view. Some holiday destinations such as the Glacier National Park and Big Pine Key are great stargazing spots for tourists. These areas tend to be quite distant from the city, where light and smoke pollution may negatively impact the experience.

If you’re traveling abroad, it may be ideal to first research the destination, especially if you intend to engage in stargazing activities. For vacationers who love to spend time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, checking out these constellations may come with the experience. If you travel with kids, it might be a great opportunity to learn about the stars and the planets. You never know, stargazing may become a pastime for your young one.


It is almost impossible to take camping out of the list of outdoor activities to try out while traveling. For years, camping has become almost synonymous with outdoor fun for nature lovers. Bear in mind that there are different kinds of camping. There is the type that includes hiring a cabin out in the woods, and the other involves setting up a tent under the open sky. What you go for will depend on your preference and your expectations. However, experienced campers believe that a truly immersive experience comes with sleeping under the open sky.

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