4 Unknown Trekking Places to Visit on Your Trip to Boston!

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We’ve been bored looking at our four walls and the little view that we get to see from our houses, haven’t we? Well, there is no denying that all of us are on the same page when it comes to this!

The pandemic has taken a toll on our mental health tremendously, so much so that we’re all longing to go out on vacation. But the sad thing is, nothing is over yet! COVID still exists, and we have to be careful about that too.

So, keeping all safety things in mind, going for a vacation with hardly anyone around is the safest option. You get to see the beautiful scenic beauty as well as enjoy your space in the open.

And to do that, we have come up with some unknown trekking places to visit on your trip to Boston. All the places we’ve chosen are not commonly visited by people on their trip, and of course, one is sure to enjoy! So, let us not waste any more time checking out the unknown trekking places for you to visit!

4 Super Interesting Trekking Places to Visit in Boston

The list that we have made is restricted to dedicated trekkers alone. Here we have some for new trekking interested people as well. So, whether you wish to see the waterfront trains or the wooden scenic beauty, we leave that up to you.

Let’s check out what the super interesting trekking places to visit in Boston are:

1.      Middlesex Fells Reservation

Middlesex Fells Reservation falls in the suburb area of Stoneham, which is towards the northern side of Boston. This park has a little over 100-mile trails. People who have visited this trail even once say that this is an extremely challenging one, and not everyone volunteers to explore the beauty.

If you’re willing to visit this one, then let us tell you that you would have to go seven miles on the rough terrain that passes over the hills. Then, it goes right through the wooded forests and lastly you can give your eyes the pleasure of watching spectacular lakes.

In fact, if you have prior experience of trekking, you could climb up the observation tower. And believe us when we say this, climbing up that tower is really going to be worth your effort. The place allows you to get a fantastic overview which is definitely going to blow your mind.

2.      Blue Hills Reservation

Even though Boston is not well-famous for having loads of mountains, there is no way you can say there aren’t any. And among them is this one! Moreover, the best part about trying to visit this place is, it is out of the city, far away from the cacophony.

You will find around 125 miles of hiking trails. Then, you get a chance to go right up to the Great Blue Hill to enjoy the spectacular beauty. In fact, if you’re thinking of visiting the place this winter, then the ski bunnies are sure to be the icing on the cake for your trip.

3.      Breakheart Reservation

If you’re interested in mountain biking and hiking – both, then this is indeed the right choice for you. We would rate this from being fairly easy to hike to challenging. This is because of the densely populated hardwood forests.

Moreover, you would also watch central Massachusetts and New Hampshire from the seven hill points present in the park. But we would suggest you have a look at the temperature in Boston before you go on your trip.

Besides, you can also check out the air quality, speed, pollution, and much more beforehand from a renowned website to be sure about the insulation you’ll require. All these factors will help you have a safe and stress-free trip!

4.      Mount Misery

Well, don’t get worried about the name; this Mount Misery is sure to give you all the relief from the stress you have been facing with its gorgeous beauty. This place is said to be the largest conservation in leafy Lincoln.

If you happen to stay some more time here, you’re sure to explore deer, birds, squirrels, and even chipmunks. Also, you can get a clear view of Fairhaven Bay and Sudbury River from the top of the mountain.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know the best places to visit for hiking. So, go ahead explore these, and do let us know which one of these places you choose to visit for your trip.

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