4 Reasons Why You Must Visit Bordeaux

Vineyards in Bordeaux France

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France is one of the most popular and widely known European countries. The rich history of the country, as it has been playing a crucial role in the political and cultural sphere over the centuries, makes it stand out.

Of course, Paris, the capital of France, is the place everyone wants to go to. It is indeed a breathtaking city that offers a great variety of sightseeing activities, stunning natural landscapes, and cool entertainment options.

However, Paris is not the sole city that is worth visiting while you are in France. There are many areas that you can travel to and have the time of your life. One such area is Bordeaux. Have you heard of it? It doesn’t matter what your answer is, since this article presents just a few reasons why you should definitely visit Bordeaux as soon as you can.

Reason 1: It feels like you travelled back in time

Bordeaux is full of impressive arches, gatehouses, old churches with sky-high spires and turrets, and soaring columns. All those spectacular monuments were built many decades ago and give a nostalgic charm and an archaic grandeur to the city.

Reason 2: Contemporary privileges

Bordeaux is a vibrant city that offers many opportunities for people to enjoy their time there. There are parks where you can go for a stroll under the protection of tall trees, visit vintage shops, wander around the Rue Sainte Catherine, the longest shopping street in Europe, and buy fresh and local goods at the Capucins Market.

You should make sure that you get full advantage of both the traditional and modern aspects of the city. You can easily do that by hiring a car to get you to places all over Bordeaux. A car from Enjoy Travel can take you quickly wherever you want to go without worrying about travel distance, safety, or cost. The only thing you should be mindful of is that you know what are attractions you don’t want to miss for the world.

Reason 3: Wine

Bordeaux is most famous for its wine production. There is even a museum where visitors can learn about the rich history of wine in Bordeaux and how wine is made. Some of the most expensive and high-quality wines are produced in Bordeaux. The most popular types of wine produced in the city are red and sweet white wines.

Reason 4: La Cité du Vin

An extraordinary museum that you should definitely visit is La Cité du Vin. The museum teaches visitors all about wine; its history and how it is made and produced in places all around the world. There are interactive and audiovisual materials that make the experience fun and memorable. What is so special about the specific museum is its architectural design since it is a huge building with a 55-meter colorful tower.

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